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A New Lease

Wow. Cant believe its been ten months since I have updated my blog. Don't know why I haven't written anything as my life has been so eventful since the last ten months. It's been a good eventful time for me, and the major chunky reason for these events go to one person and of course my life in general too is shaping decently well. People have entered, & people have left, new beginnings have occurred, while some stories have ended thus I shall be naming my post "A new lease".

First of all I am truly grateful for the month of August, because August 2013 onward life suddenly just became the best (KM) and post that the mad high is still going upwards. I am also glad to announce that my art has been appreciated and I have landed my first commercial project where I will be designing the cover page for a book along with complete illustrations for all the chapters in it. Its a huge job, that should start tomorrow and I am panicking. I realized the magnitude of my work once I already landed it. I sincerely hope that I do a good job. *touchwood*

I have two more things, happy things to share which I shall write about soon enough. None of my posts are complete without me mentioning my college and studies. Yes, I am still finishing my MA, and finally in two weeks my finals begin. By 3rd May  I shall officially be completing my Master's. *Happy Dance* To add, I should seriously start studying now! Maybe tomorrow. 

On a more serious note, last ten months also taught me a lot, especially when it comes to people and friendships. I came across a brilliant article few days back that stressed about people leaving your life and how it is still alright when that happens. I completely agreed to it and maybe that's what has given me an insight into this serious topic and motivated me to write today. 

I always thought that maybe its in your hands for some friendships to last, but slowly life taught me that along with everything else, it apparently also has a control over your friendships. So many friends come and go, they make such a big difference to you and your identity, and soon they just fall off the grid. Or maybe you drop them off. Either way. We are constantly moving, so much is happening to us each day, a rainbow of experiences, feelings, emotions, highs, lows. Due to all these varied colors it gets very difficult to maintain certain things. For some reason I have always thought that I am unlucky with friends, I just don't have any. I make close friends, like maybe one or two and then I just lose them. At first I always blamed myself, I questioned myself. I thought am I a bad friend? Do I not do enough? Maybe something is wrong in me. Maybe I am too selfish. And then few days back it struck me. That I am not wrong. You cannot blame just one person when something messes up. It is a two way street always, a wrong on your part, a wrong on the other side, and lets add in a few circumstances, mistakes, fights, opinions and misunderstandings. Also lets add in time, distance, life, communication. Lets also add in fate. So many factors are present, just waiting to rip off your relations with people. 

Yes I lost people, maybe I was wrong in few ways, but so were they. There were grudges, egos, blames. And then finally you reach a point where you feel that maybe its just best that it ended. Because if a friendship has to last, it just does. I don't believe in taking too much effort to save it. The effort should come from both sides, irrespective of the scenario, and there should be a mutual understanding on both the parties that yes, life has changed, everyone has their own shit, and sometimes its ok to just let it be or let it go. People leave, and yes goodbye's are not easy. But many a times your hundred percent is not even equivalent to a ten percent for the other person. So then what? Who's fault is it? What do we do then?

This was my favorite line from the article I read, "you can't save all friendships, and the one's that can't be saved are sometimes the one that don't need to be."

I loved it due to the simple truth behind it that stares at us each day. Guess letting go is much better than holding on. So maybe what we can do is just let it be, live our lives, and look forward to the new. People leave, but some really good people enter too. And when they come, all your scars go, and you become a new person. Many may not agree and like this new person you become, but honestly I feel like telling them to shut the hell up. Because they are absolutely no one to sit on the high chair and judge you. Whatever you are, you are. Whatever you become, is still you,  a part of you. And no one has the right to sit there and tell you that your change is not good. They need to make their peace with it, if they want to be in your life. 

Life changes every minute, you change, people change, love changes you, hate changes you, guilt changes you, regret changes you, hurt changes you. How can we be the same? So when my new lease started, honestly I did not really feel that bad for losing people. A part of me found new freedom. A new perspective, a new life. And I honestly like this new life. Free of certain things, yet holding on to those that really love me and matter to me. 

So I just hope now that the good things in my life remain, and new people keep coming, and the people that are with me right now, who truly care, they too would always remain. So I pray for the best.



  1. "you can't save all friendships, and the one's that can't be saved are sometimes the one that don't need to be."
    wow! I needed to hear that....lovely post update it more regularly.

  2. yea that line is from an article. its on my profile. :) thank you. I shall definitely try to update more.


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