Cause we all pay the dues


So obviously I cannot study, and have taken probably my 100th break right now. So why not write something?

I don't know why, but for some reason today I feel like going into the concept of karma and all of us paying our dues. 

"what goes around, comes around"
"be good, do good"

These sayings we all have heard but very few seem to understand this. I am a strong believer of karma. I do believe that our actions result into the consequences of our life. Even Newton established this fact with his law "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". 

The biggest reason that I believe in this is because I have seen it happen all around me. Personal experience here is my biggest example. People who hurt others, pass mean comments, judge all the time, and deliberately demean people, for some reason I always see that they end up paying for it. It can be in the smallest way to the biggest ever thing. But it happens. They really crash and burn. It can be as small as someone hurting them back, or them losing something very valuable or sometimes something big and worse. 

So many people, when going through pain or tough times ask themselves "why me?", maybe they should introspect. There is always a reason for everything that happens in your life. I am not saying just cause you did something bad you become a very bad human. But we all should introspect and understand as to why certain things are happening to us. May be because you judged and insulted someones relationship, you don't have a good one. May be you laughed at someone's failure and now you are failing too. Maybe you hurt someone close purposely and now you have some unnecessary hiccups in the life. You never know why something may be happening to you. All you can probably do is learn from it and make sure you are good in the future.

We should judge each day by the seeds we plant. Yes some days are very bad, maybe we too are paying the dues. We should be conscious and make sure that we are good people. We have one life, with so much to see and do. So why spend it judging, passing comments and hurting other people. What are we going to get. On what basis can we hate someone and cause them pain.

I know people who have judged so much, passed horrible comments, been mean, spread rumors and now when I see how their life is, I just feel sorry for them. Because for everything you do, the good and bad, there are consequences. I don't want to get personal and specify the examples I have seen, but karma truly is a bitch. I have seen where all these people end up and I never want to be there. 

No matter where we are, all we need to do is "be good", how hard is that.

Stop hurting others! First step to clear your karma. Be grateful, and don't put somebody down just so that you can uplift yourself for a few minutes. Many people out there are just waiting to dull your sparkle. They thrive on your problems, they like it when you are average, just like them. So they comment, judge, hurt. Even we do that sometimes. Its very natural. I do it too, not like I am some amazing human.So many times I hurt the people I love, use harsh words, lose my temper. And yes, I  get the returns in my own ways. So I just become conscious, keep my faith and make sure I don't let it happen again. It's a process, takes time to be aware. 

 So I guess we should just....

Smile, read a book, compliment someone, help people, be loving...there is so much pain and hatred in this world, so at least some of us can strive to make this place a little better, so that we ourselves can be happy too.



  1. Nice one. Loved it.

    Diff types of people around us, bad and good. Some hurts u, some loves u. Solution could be-- take a break from routine, kidnap people u love and take them to ur fav destiantions to spend quality time. :P :)

  2. Well Written... :)

    Enjoyed reading it.


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