Have to vent. 

My post for today is called Momentary. Why? Because I had to back out from my art project. Oh, and also the Billabong thing didn't work out. It is worse when they accept you and then randomly reject you. So few days back I was happy, thinking that finally after years and years my career path is settling, but nope..these two important things just went away. Letting go of the art project was my choice as the type of art I have wasn't matching with the intent of the project. Of course I am disappointed. 

Plus it really doesn't help that final exams are in four days and I am stuck in a massive pool of mindless theory. 

So now I guess instead of being low I should just let it go and accept it. More schools will come, and hopefully my art too shall move up soon. Have to keep faith and believe. It's timing and fate to some extent too. Anything can change before you even realize it. Nothing is ever final, nothing settles. I was ranting about it to K, telling him that finally I felt that professionally things are probably settling and then wooooosh! the winds of change came along. So he told me that why do you want something to settle. "Dust settles, and don't be Dust". Guess its correct. We all look for "settling". But life is always changing, it never stops. So how can we settle? 

The silver lining is that probably something better should come up. No harm in wishful thinking right?

"Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game" - Babe Ruth

Should get back to my mindless theory. 



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