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Its been a long long time. Again I have let my blog die a natural death, time to awaken it.

Its pouring massively. I really feel bad for the people of Mumbai, racing through life, struggle and work in all this water. Mumbai is really not easy in the rains. Mumbai is never easy, but rains make it worse. I don't mind the rains actually, in fact its perfect right now, lovely weather, rains and some writing. No one will mind rain if they are chilling at home and watching it from a window with a steaming cup of tea.

I guess I am extremely worried about facing august. I start work soon..I am now a teacher at Oberoi International School. A superb school, totally 5 star, but the timings are crazy. I have no idea how a girl who is used to waking up late will now wake up at 6 and reach work at 7.30 am. Probably more than me, my Dad is happy. It's his dream that his daughter should wake up at 6am. I know, a very weird dream but well thats my Dad. Nevertheless it's a new chapter, I cant wait to start work! Interaction with children is something I realized I loved, post my 6 month stint with a NGO. And I stay closer to my field of study too..

Another superb update that I am very proud to mention is that my Facebook art page is going amazing. My venture "INKTALES" has gotten an amazing response and is doing really well. I never thought I would get such massive appreciation for my art work. For those who haven't seen my page, heres my link and a collage of my work.

Ink Tales (link click)

So now currently I am doing illustrations for two children stories for an organization "Design for Change".  So lets see where my art takes me.

Apart from all this, I am glad that I have gotten back to my music. I used to play the keyboard as a child but I left it ages ago, got a keyboard as a gift on my birthday from..... :D  

I can already play it decently, gonna learn chords by myself..also have a jamming session this saturday with... :D very excited!!

By september I will join professional keyboard classes. 

Also, I cannot wait to watch Fault in our stars this saturday... could do with a sob fest love story!

So all in all, life's good...it always was and I hope it always will be. So now I shall get back to making my illustrations and maybe update my blog more.


p.s - J K Rowling released a new Harry Potter short story! Yay! Reading now! See ya!


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