There is no such thing as too many movies


Felt like writing. I am majorly stuffed, behaved like a total glut, ate loads of junk, maggi, chips, 2 shawarmas, and a lot more. So to feel better and a little "healthy", I shall sip a cup of green tea. And let me tell you, I just took a sip of tulsi flavored green tea from a very big polka dotted does not taste good.

So my post for today will be revolving around movies. I saw 5 movies in the span of a week. I think I will put them in a list.

1. Jane Eyre
2. Ek Villian
3. Humpty Sharma ki dulhania
4. Fault in our stars
5. Dawn of the planet of the apes

No 1, 3 and 5 were damn good!.

No 2 and 4 were terrible.

I am not here to review anything, but I am going to ramble about some of the above movies.

People, first and foremost, please watch Humpty Sharma...its a damn cute movie, more like a modern ddlj. I was laughing the whole time, and its very well directed. The songs are terrible, only one good song in the movie which is Samjhawan. I am addicted and as of now that is on loop. However check out the original track of Samjhawan by Rahat fateh ali khan...its lovely. Here's the link! Even see Alia's unplugged version.

The end of the movie is so lame. like so lame. I think the director was told to take a break and Karan Johar sat on the chair and made the end. But nevertheless, very cute movie, makes you feel very lovey dovey post it, so your partner is going to get very lucky right after it. 

Now next, Jane Eyre is beautiful. A classic. Will read the book. 

Ek Villian - Have no words. I just want to break Shraddha Kapoor's teeth..too much of her teeth were shown. The only positive of the movie are the songs which are brilliant. All of them. Oh and the movie made me want a polaroid! So I shall buy one soon.

Now coming to Fault in Our Stars. There was a crazy hype about that movie with people all over instagram putting up pictures of tissue papers and posting quotes. So I obviously had a lot of expectations from this movie. It broke all of them. It was extremely dumb. I agree cancer is a serious issue and yes the actors did a good job, but maybe I din't like them, I don't know...I just couldn't bear the stupid movie. Forget tearing up, I was yawning. And I am considered to be a Corn Queen, so I was surprised myself about not liking it. But well, to each his own. However some quotes were very good. Here are some of them which I loved and connected to...The second is my absolute favorite...

Anyways after getting bored, I then saw Planet of Apes right after it. Now that was awesome. Just go see it. 
I kept calling it the "monkey" movie. I was literally dragged for it, bribed with Sprite and samosa..but I loved it..I haven't seen the first one, so shall catch it soon. 

Hmmm, I guess that's all. Shall get back to my book. Reading some short stories by Gulzar. 

Night all. 


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