Inktober - new push for my art


Another 3 months of blog gap, As usual life passes in a frenzy of job, love and life. 

However today's post is completely dedicated to my art. I have taken up the Inktober challenge, which is an art challenge that happens in October. Each day of October, the artist has to make an ink sketch. So 31 days, 31 ink sketches. Its massive and difficult to manage with a job, but its a superb way to work on your art skills and be consistent with your drawings. I am loving the stress and the need to better myself with each sketch. 

So I shall be putting up my sketches from 1st october to 4th october, and the sketch meant for today shall be updated later. Mostly tonight itself. I will be dedicating one post to each of my drawings henceforth. So here's my work over the 4 days of october. 

Hope you all like it. Been working very hard on my art. Thankfully I had 4 days off from school so could manage, and I hope I continue to manage for rest of the days. 


#inktober #inktober2014


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