Life as an Artist


Here I am, back to blogging six months later. Life just has been going by, handling so many different social mediums isn't so easy, hence the break from blogging.

But now for sure I shall be regular. (try to)

Let me start by saying that a lot has happened in the last six month. Which is obvious, because a lot keeps happening in everybody's life. I got engaged in November 2014 to a guy who probably is the best person I have ever known. Its surreal. I thought I was someone who would go for an arranged marriage, but I am so glad that God had some other plans! So officially I am getting married in November this year.

I quit my teaching job in December. One of the best decisions of my life. I realized that my passion lies in art. I was getting orders, my art was picking up, my art page "Ink Tales" was doing really well, so I thought it through and decided that why should I spend my life busting off doing something I hate, when I already know what I love. Didn't get a lot of support regarding this choice. Thankfully my K and my friend R always believed in my art, which gave me courage to pursue it professionally.

Now I can very proudly announce that I am an Ink Artist. 

Here's the link to my below.

Also here is the link to my online print shop on Cupick. Click below.

I was even approached for an interview. It was nice to know that people are noticing my work and want to know about my art. Click below.

By God's grace, Ink Tales is going really well. Since I work from home as of now, I set up a nice cozy art corner in my bedroom. 

Put up all my work, set up the lamp, and added fairy lights! I even got a huge tin to keep all my stationary neatly. I have never been this organized in my entire life to be honest. But when it comes to stationary, I have OCD. 

I have started many new variations for my page. One was that I had conducted a coloring campaign where I had created a design for adults to color. It was aimed to relax people and give them a few stress free moments in life through the form of color therapy. I hope that one fine day I can create a coloring book with all my illustrations. Here's a small collage of all the work people sent me. They made my design so beautiful with such vibrant colors. 

I have also started a Friday friendly doodles campaign, where every friday I shall doodle a topic that people on my page have suggested. As of now I just got 2 topics, but I am sure this concept will grow in due time. I cant wait to create a new illustration for my appreciators this coming friday! I also need to start on an urgent commission, but I am procrastinating a lot. But I will definitely finish it soon, as I need to give it by 2nd. Guess once the pressure sets in, I will do a better job! 

Along with commissions, I have also started a zodiac project on my page. Each month I create an illustration to go with the zodiac representing that very month. I started this recently, so as of now I have just done Pisces. Now its time to do Aries! Too many things to do!! I never thought that black pens would be so integral to my existence! If you want to see my work, please check the link I have posted above, or go to my art portfolio tab below my blog name.

Back to work now, shall definitely be more regular with my posting, not just about art but my life in general too! 



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