Big 5

My Toulouse turns 5!!

Its crazy how these 5 years have passed. Feels like just a year or two with him, when he came to me in a green basket. I was the first person he came to, and I knew at that moment that he would love me the most out of all. He was always meant to be mine.

This is a small sketch I doodled for him. It was my first attempt at a realistic sketch. Dad has been after me to start sketching general things to improve my drawing skills. I still feel I have a long way to go when it comes to drawing. I may be pretty okay at the design and detail aspect, but I still need to hone my skills as an artist. Since I am self taught, never really taken any sort of class, I feel my base still needs to get better. So I have decided to sketch more now, probably basic things like objects, animals, fruits, people, etc.

I have a commission to give tomorrow, still have loads to do. Trying to find some inspiration. Point to note - Avoid having a heavy lunch plus two big pieces of cake before you sit to work. Trust me you WILL feel sleepy.

I guess I will need to have tea in the next few minutes as I cannot afford to sleep off now.



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