Some more Inking and Randomness

Hello Guys!

Life's been busy. I am working on such a challenging project right now that needs me to create around 15 to 16 illustrations.  Its exciting and actually a superb idea that I am really happy to execute. Will showcase it in June once its done. Couple more orders are lined up apart from this. While I love my commissions, I somewhere do feel annoyed as I am not able to find any time to create art for my sake. Some of my best drawings happen when I sketch for myself, without deadlines or payments. Hopefully I get to create something for myself soon.

One important part of my work is the work process and background research I do before I start. I need to do a lot of base research, take notes, create some roughs, get them approved. Make some tiny notes on post-its so I don't forget important details, etc. Once this is done, I start. :)

I just wrapped up two orders couple of days ago, and took a week off to rest. A pen can really tire you sometimes. I needed that time off, doing nothing, watching movies and shows. Needed that break very badly. But now back to work.

Here's some pics of my framed orders. :)

My zodiac series has taken a toll. So much work but I need to create a Taurus inspired illustration before 20th. I need to keep up my zodiac art work for each month. I don't think I have posted my zodiac work on the blog, so here it is. I have created Aries and Pisces according to the months. Now its time to create Taurus. I cant afford to compromise this series, the way I left "friendly friday doodles".

So now enough about Art. 

Movies and TV front:

I have been watching a lot of movies. Absolutely loved Avengers, and also saw Piku on Mother's day.  Now I am waiting to watch Mad Max and Bombay Velvet! :D

On the tv show front, I am so happy that Masterchef Australia season 7 has started! So been watching that. Big Bang has lost its touch, did not really enjoy season 8. Greys Anatomy is good, but it was very upsetting that Derek was killed off. And sadly, even Revenge has been cancelled. Game of Thrones is going amazing! Waiting for the next episode! 

Yes, I watch a lot of shows. 

Books and reading front:

I read this amazing book called Palace of Illusions, by Chitra Banerjee. Its the whole Mahabharat through the perspective of Draupadi. It was brilliant. My next read is a book titled "Karna's wife".

I love mythology, especially when its portrayed through different viewpoints. 

Will be ordering more books once I am free. Mostly by Chitra Banerjee only, shes a wonderful writer. 

Anyways, I have loads more to share and tell, will do so in my next post. Now back to work.



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