Musings of a chaotic mind


As usual I have been very moody about my art. I fluctuate from being a scatter brain to a highly focused person. Each day I have a new mood. It's not a good thing at all to be very honest. Affects my work and my emotions. 

After completing the book commission, I took a long break. Didn't lift a pen. Its funny since every minute of my day I think about art, so then why does it get difficult to pick up the pen sometimes. I have a commission to give in three days, and I am finally starting it.

 I printed out the design of Kerby Rosanes of Sketchy stories that says "Never quit drawing" for my desk. I really needed some motivation and when I see the work of my idols, I get charged up. So i am now having some really weird green tea given by my friend, will stick this drawing on the wall to feel inspired and get back to my commissions. 

Working on a Baby shower commission, time to start, and I really hope it turns out well!

Yesterday I read such a wonderful article on creative minds. Click on the link below to read.. 

Article on creative minds

I have never identified so much with any articles. There is so much truth in every sentence. It's actually a guide for those people whose partners are creative. This will give them a good understanding on how our minds work. I made K go online at night specially to read this. 

Do give it a read :)

I just finished having the green tea, it tastes good at start, but with time as it gets cooler, the  liquid becomes so bitter. My God, how do people have this. But I have been trying to "turn over a new leaf". Kindoff.

Reduced my junk, eating all horrible veggies (trying to) and going for regular 45 minute walks. I have to have a super figure by November 27th! :P

I hope I keep up this regime. I have done this many times, and lasted for maximum for five lets of now I have walked for four days (lol). Hope I don't quit this! 


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