Rainy Revelations


Suddenly it has been raining crazily since two days. I love rains, but it kind off spreads a weird melancholic feeling around. But then when I see this picture, that feeling goes. 

Toulouse is utterly the cutest living thing I know.

I saw three movies last weekend. K and I are like the ultimate movie buffs. We consider a weekend incomplete if we do not watch a movie. So this time we saw three back to back movies over the weekend. All three different and fun in its own way. 

So we saw Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Honestly I do not expect much from Salman Khan movies, but this was definitely a wonderful surprise. Such a lovely story, amazing direction, great content. The girl steals your heart with her innocence and Salman has for a change underplayed his acting.
Thus over all the result was so good! Please go watch it, its definitely worth your three hours. 

We then saw Inside Out! Brilliant is not the word! Inside Out shows how your feelings work. They have made amazing characters like "joy" "fear" "sadness" "anger" and "disgust". Perfect! I think I shall draw all of them! Watch it!! I loved the way they have shown the role of each character (feeling). Especially the end!

The third movie was Baahubali. I cant believe they spent 250 crores on it!
The effects are crazy, and the war scenes are superb. I did not expect south indian cinema to be so amazing when it comes to the effects. However even though the story line is nice, certain elements of the movie are very typical "southie". This many may not like. The songs suck. So that kind of kills the mood. The ending is abrupt at a very crucial part, and then  the continuation will come next year. I liked it, it wasn't bad. But yea, it could be shorter and some stupid love songs could be chucked out. 

Nevertheless it was a blast watching these three, and especially good since I got to eat Dunkin Donuts burgers and brownies! So yay!

Coming to my art, here's my latest artwork on the Cancerian zodiac. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Worked very hard on the shading. Took nearly twelve hours. Now next is Leo!

I also held a mini doodle giveaway for my fans. So what I told them was to comment in the facebook post as to what they would like me to doodle. K would then randomly choose a winner. I would then doodle an A5 size doodle of their choice and send it to them! Got a lovely response and we selected two winners. One has asked for a "Tinkerbell" doodle, and the other is a doodle on the word "liberate" integrating the teachings of Shiva, Buddha and Mahavira. So I need to start working on that.

I have loads more to talk about but will do so in the next post. Going for dinner now!



  1. Leo is my zodiac sign !!! Super excited to see your illustration !!!


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