The tale of Love and Peace

Hello! Here I am finally unveiling this project that I have been talking about. 
It took me nearly a month to create this! The Tale of Love and Peace is a story written by Reena Kamath, a very good friend of mine. It is her love story that she has depicted in beautiful words and basically in a cute way because this book is for her baby! She came to me with this concept, that she has created her love story in such a way that she can read it out to her child.

I loved her idea and gladly accepted the opportunity to depict each page of her wonderful love story. There are 15 illustrations in total, I am attaching the complete story for everyone to read...
 It took me time to create all 15 illustrations, but it was extremely fun. Reena is my most patient client till date, who gave me all the time I needed to create this work.. Everything is completely hand drawn, from the illustrations to the typography.
The story revolves around a girl named Love and a prince named Peace. There are dragons and witches, friendship and love, along with fairies and cupid... with the story finally having its beautiful happy ending which is their wedding!
 I have left some pages blank in the end so that she can stick her pictures with her husband and child, thus becoming a wonderful memory book to treasure, along with a work of art.
A huge thank you to my father Ashok Karnik who has done the complete typography (calligraphy) for this project. This would not have turned out good without him sharing 50 percent of my work!
Karan Karnik for designing my cover.
Vrushali Karnik for running around, getting me prints and handling my temper!

Worked so hard on this, and enjoyed every second!
Back to work now!


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