Mix of tiny dreams

Hello Peeps!

Monday is shaping up really well for me. I have been busy at my art desk since morning, 11am to be precise. Packing up my doodle giveaway artworks finally, and then shall courier.

Its been a busy one month with short trips and conferences. From visiting Matheran and riding horses, to attending leadership and sales lectures, time just passed away. Due to all this my Leo zodiac artwork got late, should have been posted by 22nd, but its already 24th and I am only halfway through it.

Here's a peek.

I hope it turns out well. Anyways should be done with this by tonight.

More on the art front is that I doodled a Masterchef Australia logo in my floral design, I wasn't super happy with it so I just uploaded it on Instagram and not my Facebook page. But nevertheless the response was awesome! Here's the logo! In fact it got noticed by none other than Georgia Barnes. The runner up in this season's finale! I was so happy when she liked the drawing, plus she started following me on insta!! It was a great day indeed! Got this surprise when I was watching some really ugly monkeys in Matheran. 

I also started experimenting with color in my art. I prefer black and white, but thought I really need to diversify and try out new things. I have a surprise coming up soon regarding my art, so keep watching my page. Here is some color work! I added rhinestones to make it look pretty and shiny. 

I also doodled on an origami paper, and Karan made a crane out of it. Just something creative we tried!

Hope you guys liked all the work!

So enough about art, though I have many more tiny announcements to make, I shall talk about it in my next post. After nearly two years I wrote a poem!! Check it out!! Its called Blessed Love, click on the link below. 

Now back to work! Peace!

PS- Happy Anniversary Kunal! We complete 2 years today! 


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