Ramblings of the night


Its thursday night and I bet most of you are happy that the weekend is nearly here. For me each day is the same. Since I work alone, at odd timings, doing as I please, I have completely forgotten what it feels like to wait for fridays and cry about mondays. But I am not complaining. My weird lifestyle, crazy work timings, and funny moods of inspiration makes me a happy person. (At times)

Today however I was hell bored and to make matters irritating, the lights had gone off from 10am to 6pm. Its not easy living without the internet, and my phone data chose not to work. So I curled up for a while in my bed, ready Harry Potter which is my medicine to "dark" feelings. Eventually I just hugged my Toulouse and slept off. 

And now while the world is heading out for dinner, or preparing to sleep and relax, I am starting my art. Going to do something on the Inside Out characters. I love that movie. Actually I love all movies, especially animated movies, but Inside Out was too cute. If you have not seen it, please watch it!

Talking about animated movies, I found this really nice link that has some great Indian animated movies that you can watch. I am so excited, so may load one now and watch. I am posting the link below if you guys want to check it out. 

Coming to art, I finished my Leo work finally and also my "Liberate" artwork that I had to send to the doodle giveaway winner. So glad that she liked it! 

I made spaghetti right now for dinner. K is heading for Goa tomorrow and wont be here for the weekend. I am going to be so bored, because I absolutely love our weekends which go in movies and dinners, games and coffees, walks with Toulouse and loads of discussions. Anyways I shall channel that boredom into something constructive and hopefully produce some great artwork. Or I guess I will just read my Harry Potter. Blah.

Loads of wedding shopping is left to do, but I am literally the worst shopping companion ever. For me its the most boring thing. I prefer online shopping, where I can just sip on a cool glass of Sprite, select what I want and done! If only life was simple. Everyone is going literally crazy at home. Poor Mom and Dad, so much work. They are handling everything by themselves and honestly I am of no help. I just want to draw and laze around. I will be having too many responsibility and "serious" stuff to do after three months, so I guess I am going to laze, sleep, chill, eat, read, draw, play as much as I can right now. Life's going to change, and its so scary. Its like one day you are living a particular way and the next moment you are a completely different person living a completely different life. I am looking forward to getting married, but these social conventions and functions is what annoys me. Why cant we just get married in our favorite costumes, grab burgers and get back to life!

These days all people ask is "hows the wedding preps going", nobody wants to have any other conversation. Saris, mehndi, photographers,jewelry, shopping, cake, guests lists, functions, gifts, and I can go on. Phew! But we are all happy. And I pray that we are all always happy. Exactly 3 months to go!



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