3 A.M

So I am a complete nocturnal creature. 

A lot seems to happen in my life between 11 pm to 4 am. I feel alive at that time. Some of my best artworks happen, I read wonderful things, I junk around of course and sometimes even have a nice hot cup of tea/ green tea if I suddenly decide to act "healthy".

Last night after wrapping up all my art stuff I decide that now its a good time for some "me" time. My "me" time comprises of a good book, and a chocolate, sometimes chips. However this time it was a huge 5 star-crunchy bar. It was quiet, Toulouse was fast asleep. I slowly get my chocolate, and open it as quietly as possible. I lie down, "Mrs Funnybones" is propped up on my knees and just when I am about to take a bite someone decides to wake up.

I turn around when I feel something slimy on my arm. Apparently Toulouse decides to wake up from his peaceful slumber at 3.15 AM, thanks to the smell of 5star. (Nocturnal creature ka nocturnal pet) Look how wide awake he is! His eyes shine like coals. Does he look like he was fast asleep few seconds ago?

So I keep aside "Mrs Funnybones" and click a picture obviously since he looked too cute!

(Ignore the bag in the background of the pictures. I sleep with suitcases. Since I will be leaving in less than two months, my suitcases are kept on the other side of the bed which I keep filling with clothes.) 
So moving on, I think that at 3.15 am, how does he suddenly wake up and want my 5star. So I give him a bite and hide the chocolate. I trick him and tell him its over but he sees right through me. He stays awake watching every movement I make. Finally no point waiting, I decide to give him a roti to ease his late night hunger pang whereas I open a packet of KrackJack biscuits. I love KrackJack, can go on and on munching them. It seems he wanted them too.

It was 3.45AM now. I knew if I dont share he wont sleep. So we shared the biscuits, I even removed the half eaten chocolate from my purse (hiding place) and split that too. Once he was absolutely sure I had no more food to eat or hide, he fell right back to sleep. It took me around 15 minutes to clean the bed of drool, crumbs and caramel. 

I somehow never get annoyed to share my food with him. It's our deal you know. Whatever I eat, from Lays to Chinese, chocolates to biscuits and mostly "Yakult". I have to share everything with him. For those who don't know, Yakult is a probiotic drink to aid digestion! He loves that. So we split that too! I live for these moments with him. 

My 3AM eventful adventures are "eventful" due to him, along with some amazing books and good snacks. I am surely going to miss these "events" after marriage. My to-be-husband lives a very "disciplined" (lame according to me) life. Who sleeps by 11pm and gets up at 7am! 
Most of the magic in my life happens between that time and trust me I do not want to be sleeping that time! But well, life changes and you just have to roll with it. "Adapt" everyone says. So I shall try. But when I come over home, I will still wait for these moments to happen again cause thats where I find little bit of magic, joy and cheerful moments. 



  1. Loved the writeup. I can completely understand that you feel like the world as you know it changing around you and to u wanna cling on everything a lot more tightly. But hang in there this is just a phase and this will surely pass soon you will be comfortable in the new setup. I guess it's something that happens so it makes us stronger.

    Stay calm n enjoy every moment. And who knows you might end up changing your hubby's sleeping habit ;)

    1. Thank you so much Rashi. I do hope our sleeping patterns change :P And I hope I find my comfort in the new life. :) Thank you for taking out time to read the post!


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