Gearing for Inktober

Hi Guys.

Again a month late to update. Had too much going on but don't really want to discuss all that. So today's post will be more random I guess. Anyways before I go off topic and start rambling, I am super excited for October 1st. Any idea why? 

Inktober has arrived. So same time last year I started the Inktober challenge, which happens every october. Artists all around the world take part and create ink drawings each day of the month. 
 So 31 days, 31 drawings!
Last year I just did 15 drawings. Couldn't keep up with the challenge. This year I hope I can do 31. Thats my mini goal before I get married. I have to balance my commissions too, but I will definitely try to do a drawing each day! If you want to know more about this challenge then click on the link below. I am so excited. Thanks to Inktober last year my art got noticed and since then the commission requests have poured in. So I will be ever grateful for this challenge. 

Moving on, I am as usual late on my Virgo zodiac artwork, I am late on my commission and have not posted a new drawing on my page. My weekends go in shopping for the wedding, and the other days I waste around mostly coz I am just sheer lazy. Not Cool!

So time to gear up! Here's a peek into my new drawing of Nefertiti. Lets see how it goes but as of now I had to keep it aside to finish my order which I will show you guys over the weekend. 

So that's all for now. I have loads of stuff to actually vent out but I have blanked out right now. Time to get back to my work, shall post later! 



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