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Beastly Tales and a rickshaw

Couple of day ago….
1:58am: Listening to “Dhivara” from Bahubali. I don’t know why I am listening to this suddenly, that too at this ungodly hour. But it’s nice. It’s very catchy and shown beautifully. I too want to do stunts like Baahubali.
2:00am: Repeating the song.
I had a regular day of art, music, Grey’s anatomy and chips. But I met another weird Rickshaw-wala today. I was on my way back from the stationary shop with huge papers and a clay eraser. 
A clay eraser is the best thing I discovered today! Thank you Dad.
Ok, so coming back to my “rickshaw-wala”, firstly he was singing a lot. But that’s normal I guess. On our way we saw the police breaking down all the vegetable stalls on the main road. He got all excited and started telling me the full racket. (The conversation is translated to English)
Rickshaw-wala: Madam, all this is a big lie. They take weekly bribe from these people, and once a month they pretend to break the shops for the camera! Me- But why? Richshaw-wala: Public compl…

Of viruses and some raw silk

29.10 11:57pm: Worst day today.
So it was a regular day. I had slept late the previous night, so it was extremely difficult to get up and go shopping.

A day of bride-to-be duties.

 In the morning I need to kick back with my tea, read something and then get to work. But today I had to go “material” shopping.  Mom, PA (Mom’s best friend) and I were off to four bungalows.  As I entered the shop I went blank. I have honestly never seen so many women in my life. Not even on the train station will you see so many. And more than the women, there were tons and tons of various materials. All colors, all textures, completely strewn all over the place.
My first thought was “I have to find one piece of raw silk from all of these!”
Too many options just end up confusing me.  I was made to choose between two pink raw silk materials. It was said that they are two very different shades, but they looked the same to me.  For me it is just “pink”. Then we went through hordes of net, sequins, laces, mirror w…

Swollen Shenanigans

I was peacefully drawing when I felt it. Six mosquito bites.
Four on one foot and two on the other.  I can’t find that tiny bugger or else I would have madly sprayed “Hit” on it and killed it.
I hate mosquitoes. Stupid Carriers of Dengue. They bite at the most inconvenient spots sometimes, like your pinky toes, or your palm. Once it bit my lip. And even my ear!
Couple of months ago I was involved in a very serious “Insect oriented” accident. My mobile network sucks big time, so I had gone down the building to have a very important conversation. The phone call arranged was with my MIL (mother-in-law), so I needed full network and no disturbance. We talked away for an hour, while I was swatting all bugs that were biting me. I felt a pinch on my foot, some tiny bug had bitten and flown away.  I still do not know exactly which bug bit me.
I came home after a while, and while chatting with my parents I got a massive “scratch attack”. My full body started itching, I became all red. I went for…

Crushing candies with some Chinese

Monday : I am exhausted and have just wrapped up my late night duties. The duties are as follows:
Having green tea.Making Dad drink green tea.Giving Toulouse his meds and making sure he's comfortably settled in bed.Updating my InstagramStalking profiles on InstagramSpamming K with late night ramblingsProcrastinating about starting my commissions.Reading Twinkle Khanna's blog. (I love her writing, and she has inspired me to get regular with blogging)Controlling my urge for late night snackingPenning some musings for my articles.

It was Mom’s birthday today.We ordered Chinese from our favorite restaurant and just chatted away. I am getting married in exactly 30 days and honestly I don’t know how often I will get to dine with just the four of us on the table, hogging away and talking about every random topic that exists.
If you’ll wonder where I get my odd anecdotes from, then the credit goes to my even “odder” family. Each day one family member will do something peculiar, which is …

Sunday Rollicking

9:45 pm:  Dad asked me if I have ever eaten his famous curd rice. I wonder what can be so famous about the mixture of rice and curd. I had no reply to this but somehow ended up as his assistant while he cooked. He made me run around to get him dahi, milk and rice. That’s all there is to it I guess, with some nice tadka which filled the kitchen up with smoke. It turned out good. However I am too full with my dinner of schezwan dosa, so I decide not have curd rice.
10.02 pm:  My really close friend A just called up. She was downstairs and asked me what I was up to. My reply being “I am watching my Dad cook curd rice”, all she said was “your family is strange” and then sent me a big bag of my favorite green tea and a bigger bag of Kaju Katli mithai through the watchman. Her instructions were to have the green tea, and not touch the mithai as it’s overloaded with calories. That mithai is to make my family fat, not me.
So the orange box of mithai is kept in the kitchen, and I brewed myself a…

Taped "Rau-ters"

11 am: I realized my wifi wasn’t working. Tried to figure out and find the solution to this problem myself.  So since 3 months, the button of my wifi router was broken. The spring didn’t work, and now for the internet to be “on”, the button needed to be turned on which was impossible as the spring was broken. The solution to this was, well the right solution was to called the computer-wala and get a new router. But why waste money when we can think of a totally “Indian” solution.
We decided to stick the button with sellotape, thus the wifi has been eternally “on” for a while. Each time the net would stop working, we knew the button was loose as the tape must be wearing off. So we add more tapes. There are eight layers of tape holding one tiny black button. However today morning, I realized that now no amount of tape can hold this together, so I made a quick call to the computer wala who is now on his way to fix my router.
12:30 pm:  I ate a McDonalds burger. (Super guilty NOT)
12.45 pm…

Of all things golden and yellow

Happy Dussehra.
I had a great nap and just got up sometime ago, thanks to my cough.  The famous "cough" has returned. 
Full family was watching the movie Stardust along with tea. 
My brother Karan who I will refer to as "the sibling" is sitting with his hair tied in a ponytail. New hairstyle for my upcoming wedding. I should be flattered I guess with the amount of preparation people are doing to look good on my day. 
I am just lazing around oblivious to all my pending work and wedding preps. Today feels like a holiday. It is, but I feel the holiday today. So I have decided to not ink today. I will just unwind, read, relax, maybe late night if I feel like it, I will doodle. 
Yesterday I read the most atrocious article. And such nonsense can only happen in India. I was talking to K as usual over the phone, who was busy telling me all about his factory puja. I kind off got distracted as always, but I had a very strong reason to. I was browsing facebook at the same …

Of cocoons and butterflies

Time: 2:56pm
Beverage: Green Tea
Sunday night my conversation with K revolved around how sheltered we live. Protected from any harm by our parents. Especially my life. By God's grace I got such amazing parents who did not even let me climb onto a train for the sake of my comfort. I have lived the way I wanted, with all the freedom I needed. Freedom to make my own choices as to how I want to live my life and whom I want to to live it with. Protected from everything dark and twisted out there.
Anyways I won't get into the details but during this course of talk, the story of the butterfly emerged. I bet you all know the story, of the butterfly trying to come out of its cocoon. Theman, who had a passion and love for butterflies decided to help the butterfly. He got a pair of scissors and tweakedthe cocoon to make a larger opening for the butterfly and removed the remaining cocoon. The butterfly emerged withoutany struggle.

Unfortunately,the butterfly just crawled around with wither…

Of art, waves, pets and some benadryl


So technically I have slept the whole day. Why? Benadryl does the trick.

Actually I slept at 3 last night, got up at 8am today, and took Toulouse to the vet. We take him every week, 2 times for his treatment. Poor chap hates the vet, but each time he gets happily into the car hoping that maybe this time we are taking him for a drive and then ice cream, but then we park at the same spot and then literally have to drag him into the vet's room. But the drive, while going and coming, he is the happiest. He climbs up the window, while I hold him, cause trust me he is so silly that I know he will jump off. I don't think he understands distances and danger. He feels he will just fly out or something with the help of his long ears. But finally he settled down and peacefully enjoyed his drive. I love holding him and watching his face when the wind flies into his ears! He loves watching people, other dogs on the road, barks at people passing and sometimes shares a look with me to t…



I am down with viral. Since five days I have cold, cough and fever. So MIL calls everyday since I am unwell, giving me her pearls of wisdom. She specifically told me to drink haldi (turmeric) water, since she knows I would never drink haldi milk. She tells me take steam and also visit the doctor. I obviously being lazy did not do any of this yesterday when she told me. Today she calls to check if I did what she had suggested. I cannot lie ever, I suck at it, so told her truthfully that I did not. MIL gets annoyed and tells me immediately to go do this. I promise her I will, somehow I always end up listening to her. It's rare as I don't listen to anyone. But her words are always "golden" to me. She will be calling again tonight to check if I did all this. 

I have had three glasses of haldi water today and my cough has miraculously gone away (kind off). I have taken pictures of the haldi water as proof.  I ate Mcdonald french fries right now ( Just 3 of them, I sw…