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I am down with viral. Since five days I have cold, cough and fever. So MIL calls everyday since I am unwell, giving me her pearls of wisdom. She specifically told me to drink haldi (turmeric) water, since she knows I would never drink haldi milk. She tells me take steam and also visit the doctor. I obviously being lazy did not do any of this yesterday when she told me. Today she calls to check if I did what she had suggested. I cannot lie ever, I suck at it, so told her truthfully that I did not. MIL gets annoyed and tells me immediately to go do this. I promise her I will, somehow I always end up listening to her. It's rare as I don't listen to anyone. But her words are always "golden" to me. She will be calling again tonight to check if I did all this. 

I have had three glasses of haldi water today and my cough has miraculously gone away (kind off). I have taken pictures of the haldi water as proof.  I ate Mcdonald french fries right now ( Just 3 of them, I swear!) and the cough was back. Had another glass of hot haldi water and I am ok again! So yay!

Honestly I am so much better now so I do not need steam or doctors. :D A couple more glasses and I am sure the viral will go.

Moving on from turmeric topics, today Inktober started. My first drawing is Nefertiti. The bold and beautiful Queen of Egypt. 

So this is the first one, now 30 more to go. Out of my complete artworks this month, the 12 most popular ones based on facebook and instagram responses will be chosen to create a 2016 calendar. Which can be ordered in November/December.

I am loving my Inktober challenge and I really hope I can create 31 drawings. Mom said if I pull this off along with my commissions she will give me a "shashtang" namaskar. (I think that's what she said) What is "shashtang", I know it but I feel google will give you a better explanation,  

It means namaskar with eight specific parts of the body.
These eight parts of the body are- two toes, two knees, two palms, chest and the forehead.

So well that's it.

Moving on now from "namaskars" we go to books!

I am reading 2 books simultaneously, namely Mrs Funnybones and O's Little book of Happiness.

Mrs Funnybones is a light read, basically time pass. So mostly its for fun.

O's book is nice! Just read around 4 stories from there and I liked certain lines. I generally never make any markings in books. I hate doing that. I just write "property of Tanvi" on the first page of every book I own. However this book I marked, since I did not want to forget the lines. 

Firstly I love the quote by Oprah - " You can never be happy living someone else's dream. Live your own. And you for sure know the meaning of happiness."

This is so true in every aspect. Not just dreams, but in mistakes, decisions, choices. Everywhere this principle is applied. Always do what you feel you should do. Right or wrong does not matter, what someone tells you to do does not matter. Even if its a mistake, it is "your" mistake. And if its a blessing, it is "your" blessing. I feel if we are accountable for all our choices, why not always make our own choice. Why be told, and manipulated. Of course you can take advice, but whether to take the advice given or not is also a choice that "you" need to make. 

Another lovely paragraph I read and instantly connected to it. In a story called "Book Lust", it is about a woman reading books at night to find some peace in her otherwise chaotic life. 

The paragraph is - Suddenly I'm sheltered by a thicket of detail. The sights and sounds and smells of the book pull me in and slow me down in a way that those of the real world, oddly, often do not. I'm no longer at the wishing-fearing-planning pace of my day. I'm not running but walking. And where I wind up, book after book, is an unmatched state of bliss.  

Beautiful right. I really identified with this. I too, go into this state of bliss, and escape reality when I read. It is my way to feel peace. 



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