Beastly Tales and a rickshaw

Couple of day ago….

1:58am: Listening to “Dhivara” from Bahubali. I don’t know why I am listening to this suddenly, that too at this ungodly hour. But it’s nice. It’s very catchy and shown beautifully. I too want to do stunts like Baahubali.

2:00am: Repeating the song.

I had a regular day of art, music, Grey’s anatomy and chips. But I met another weird Rickshaw-wala today. I was on my way back from the stationary shop with huge papers and a clay eraser. 

A clay eraser is the best thing I discovered today! Thank you Dad.

Ok, so coming back to my “rickshaw-wala”, firstly he was singing a lot. But that’s normal I guess. On our way we saw the police breaking down all the vegetable stalls on the main road. He got all excited and started telling me the full racket.
(The conversation is translated to English)

Rickshaw-wala: Madam, all this is a big lie. They take weekly bribe from these people, and once a month they pretend to break the shops for the camera!
Me- But why?
Richshaw-wala: Public complaint Maam! Someone important must have complained. Full footpath is filled with people, where will people walk!
Me: Ok, but poor guys, so much loss for them.
Richshaw-wala: They earn more than all of us! Sabse zyada yehi log kamate hai! Every day they make one to two thousand rupees, these are just the small ones. Big ones make more. You can’t trust the vegetable in Mumbai. You don’t know where all they get it from.
Me: Ok, turn left and go inside the building with the open gate.
Rickshaw-wala: RAJDOOOOTTT!!!!  Your building name is Rajdoot?!! (As if he knows my building really well)
Me: Yea, toh kya!
Rickshaw-wala: Very good name, there was a motorbike called Rajdoot. Everyone knows, it came in the start. Ask anyone.
K calls. Thank God.
I give him the money and start telling K all about this fellow.
K- Stop talking to them, they will take it wrongly and stalk you!
Me- Relax Bro!
K- Don’t call me Bro! (Continues talking about guitars and chords while on the side the meeting in his factory goes on and on)

2:22am: The Sibling enters, hears “Dhivara” playing loudly.
The Sibling – “What shit songs you listen to!”
2:32am: I google Rajdoot bike.

Rajdoot: The Rajdoot 350, also known as RD was a modified and licensed copy of the Yamaha RD350B to suit Indian roads. Rajdoot was one of the best bikes in Indian market who suit Indian roads and condition. High purchase price, relatively high fuel consumption and poor availability of expensive spare parts are the few factors to made Rajdoot unsuccessful.

Wow. Thanks to the weird rickshaw-wala, I found out something new today.

(Listening to Dhivara one last time.)

11:45 am: Uploading my last post for Inktober. I managed to do 15 sketches, same as last year. Not too happy, but I have made sure every sketch is decent and had a good concept.

So the last sketch is based on Beauty and the Beast. My all time favorite fairytale. The musical of this fairytale has finally come to Mumbai, first time! And I am going for it today! My excitement is sky rocketing at this moment!

Ok, so bye!


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