Crushing candies with some Chinese

Monday : I am exhausted and have just wrapped up my late night duties. The duties are as follows:

  1. Having green tea.
  2. Making Dad drink green tea.
  3. Giving Toulouse his meds and making sure he's comfortably settled in bed.
  4. Updating my Instagram
  5. Stalking profiles on Instagram
  6. Spamming K with late night ramblings
  7. Procrastinating about starting my commissions.
  8. Reading Twinkle Khanna's blog. (I love her writing, and she has inspired me to get regular with blogging)
  9. Controlling my urge for late night snacking
  10. Penning some musings for my articles.    

It was Mom’s birthday today. We ordered Chinese from our favorite restaurant and just chatted away. I am getting married in exactly 30 days and honestly I don’t know how often I will get to dine with just the four of us on the table, hogging away and talking about every random topic that exists.

If you’ll wonder where I get my odd anecdotes from, then the credit goes to my even “odder” family. Each day one family member will do something peculiar, which is enough for me to write a blown up post on my blog. It makes me sad that I am going to miss all the upcoming oddness. For me finding odd moments in life is as exciting as a scavenger hunt. I am always on a lookout for “weird” stuff that happens around us all the time. 

While I am nicely penning down my thoughts and getting all semi-emotional about leaving, my Mom enters the room saying she can’t sleep. We converse about sleeping patterns, cockroaches, how her birthday is now over, creating picture collages to put on facebook and slowly she drifts towards Candy crush. I do not see any sense as to why people play it for hours, moving candies and matching them, asking for “hearts” to unlock levels, etc. (To each his own, I don't have any problem with the Candy Crushers). I know quite a lot about this game thanks to Mom.

I may not know much about the earthquake in Afghanistan today (actually I do know, I just asked Google about it) but I definitely know about all sorts of candies, some weird bombs in the game and the countless breaking of jellies. Mom is complaining about some difficult level that as usual she cannot pass. I choose to ignore it, when she suddenly exclaims “You never value me!”

Sorry Mom, I shall pay more attention to your Candy crush levels henceforth.

I further continue our conversation, moving on from crushing candies we now land on the topic of “writing”. Mom is very expressive but she cannot channel her expressions into words. I suggested her to start writing, at least try, and I gladly offered to proof read and edit her articles properly. (I think that was pretty sweet on my part seeing that I am drowning in a big huge pool of stress and mood swings, commissions and preparations)

Mom – “But that’s not right, very soon you will go, then what will I do”
Me- “That’s ok, I will go there and still find time to edit for you”
Mom- “So basically I have to wait for your approval everyday! Who the hell do you think you are?”
Me- (Silence)
I mumble a feeble “huh”.
Switch in conversation.
Mom – “I will not be eating Chinese for a while. Goodnight”

Well that’s all the randomness I have for today. Mom ki Jai ho!

Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you!



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