Of all things golden and yellow


Happy Dussehra.

I had a great nap and just got up sometime ago, thanks to my cough.  The famous "cough" has returned. 

Full family was watching the movie Stardust along with tea. 

My brother Karan who I will refer to as "the sibling" is sitting with his hair tied in a ponytail. New hairstyle for my upcoming wedding. I should be flattered I guess with the amount of preparation people are doing to look good on my day. 

I am just lazing around oblivious to all my pending work and wedding preps. Today feels like a holiday. It is, but I feel the holiday today. So I have decided to not ink today. I will just unwind, read, relax, maybe late night if I feel like it, I will doodle. 

Yesterday I read the most atrocious article. And such nonsense can only happen in India. I was talking to K as usual over the phone, who was busy telling me all about his factory puja. I kind off got distracted as always, but I had a very strong reason to. I was browsing facebook at the same time and I read the article. So basically what I read was that Kunal Khemmu is starring in a movie called Guddu ki Gun. It revolves around a man whose, umm I dont want to use offensive language, so let me just call it "thing". So his "thing" is made out of 24 karat gold! And the whole mafia is after him since well, who doesn't want a golden "thing".

 What is wrong with indian cinema. We have great movies like Talvar on one side, and then there is a movie revolving around a golden man part. 

The stuff poor Kunal Khemmu has to do. I pity him. 

Moving on from golden stuff, let me discuss some more random things that happen in our country. My haldi is coming in a month, and for that we have a small function. 
Apparently my mom has got some special haldi from Pune that will NOT make me all yellow. 

But few days ago we get a call from a "dur ka rishetedar" (family member) who has some very important information regarding the haldi. 

According to her, the haldi mixture for the bride has to be prepared by five married women. So far so good. Then she goes ahead to say, the five women should have both her parents and her in'laws alive. So these 4 elders need to be alive in the woman's life to prepare my haldi mixture.

I was like wow. Whats the logic? No idea. Why do we do it? No idea.

My mother wondered that is she suppose to call all ladies and ask them "Are your in-laws and parents alive", "if one of them is not, sorry you cant prepare the mixture".


I don't think we are bothering though. 

I told mom forget all this, just concentrate on the mixture yourself and make sure it doesn't turn me yellow. 

I cant look like I have jaundice on my wedding day.



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