Of art, waves, pets and some benadryl


So technically I have slept the whole day. Why? Benadryl does the trick.

Actually I slept at 3 last night, got up at 8am today, and took Toulouse to the vet. We take him every week, 2 times for his treatment. Poor chap hates the vet, but each time he gets happily into the car hoping that maybe this time we are taking him for a drive and then ice cream, but then we park at the same spot and then literally have to drag him into the vet's room. But the drive, while going and coming, he is the happiest. He climbs up the window, while I hold him, cause trust me he is so silly that I know he will jump off. I don't think he understands distances and danger. He feels he will just fly out or something with the help of his long ears. But finally he settled down and peacefully enjoyed his drive. I love holding him and watching his face when the wind flies into his ears! He loves watching people, other dogs on the road, barks at people passing and sometimes shares a look with me to tell me that he loves our drives. I can literally hold him this way forever and take long drives. I think I can even do a whole Goa trip in this way and may not even need an Avomine tablet to cure my motion sickness since he is my cure for everything. 

We got home. He had his milk and breakfast. I had my tea, watched Grey's Anatomy and then we both slept off. This must be around 12ish, noon.  I got a series of weird dreams as usual, and before I know it, its 5.30pm in the evening. I have been on Benadryl since few days due to my cough. It makes me a zombie. I just roam around the house or sleep. I feel some of my brain nerves dying! It is a drug but I feel it works extremely well on coughs. I had a very late lunch with my tea and now here I am blogging. 

At the vet, we see a lot of stories. Some sad, but some really cute. You meet varied people who are all bound together by one common thread, the love for their pets. Every person who comes there is crazy about their pets. And on this factor, we all start talking and form an instant connection. I see some terrible cases sometimes, which scares the living hell out of me, and then on some rare occasions I see heart warming moments. Like this pet called Bruno came in today. He hates the vet it seems. He was a huge Saint Bernard. He was running a very high fever and had issues in his legs. He didn't want to come inside to get checked so he decides to just plonk down at the center of the compound. 
Bruno refused to budge. He had come with three of his owners, and even three of them collectively could not pick him up. He just sat there for a very long time. They bribed him, pacified him, nothing worked. Finally a small box of Vanilla ice cream was given, which he just snatched and swallowed. He ate the whole cup and thankfully threw out the plastic cup once he was done. The doctor had to check him outside as he still refused to come in whereas I instantly had to take a picture of this moment. 

So thats all on the doggy front.

On the art front, my inktober is going pretty well. I need to draw today anyhow or else I will fall behind. Here are all my illustrations till day 6. 

Hope you all like them. I am too tired to brief each drawing but I am sure you guys can figure them out yourselves. :)

Last night I met K for dinner. We went to an amazing restaurant and then for a nice walk at Bandstand. K hates beaches. He hates the crowd more. But I always tell him, the crowd is same everywhere. This is Mumbai, and you will see a mix of people at all places, but that shouldn't stop you from visiting places you like. I love seeing the waves. I dont care who is around me since when I see the waves and the foam it forms, I forget everything. The reason K does not care about beaches that much is cause he grew up with a sea view. His whole childhood went in playing by the seaface, and his home had a spectacular view of the sea. Maybe that's why he doesn't think watching waves is a big thing. But for me, its a rare treat. My view from home has just been plain concrete. Sometimes other flats and I get to see different people doing different things. That's why I always appreciate a good view. I love sitting at beaches watching the waves, I love going on the terrace and seeing the skyline, I love gazing at stars. I find tremendous joy in these tiny things.

To get me to leave bandstand and stop watching the black waves, K tells me he has a surprise for me so lets go back. I was like "Really". You are bribing me with a gift to make me get up from here! Anyways I was super curious and wanted my gift, so we left. Turns out, he gave me something that will now be one of my most prized possessions. He got me my very own Hogwarts acceptance letter and a "Degree in Magic" signed by Albus Dumbledore! Cheesy to the very core I know!But these are getting framed in my room soon! So cheers to the tiny joys of life! And cheers to my loving fiance! I can let go of any 'view" in return for Harry Potter stuff!

I have more to write but I feel the post will get too long, so will update more later. 



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