Of cocoons and butterflies


Time: 2:56pm

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Sunday night my conversation with K revolved around how sheltered we live. Protected from any harm by our parents. Especially my life. By God's grace I got such amazing parents who did not even let me climb onto a train for the sake of my comfort. I have lived the way I wanted, with all the freedom I needed. Freedom to make my own choices as to how I want to live my life and whom I want to to live it with. Protected from everything dark and twisted out there.

Anyways I won't get into the details but during this course of talk, the story of the butterfly emerged. I bet you all know the story, of the butterfly trying to come out of its cocoon. The man, who had a passion and love for butterflies decided to help the butterfly. He got a pair of scissors and tweaked the cocoon to make a larger opening for the butterfly and removed the remaining cocoon. The butterfly emerged without any struggle.

Unfortunately, the butterfly just crawled around with withered wings and huge body. It was never able to fly all through its life.  
Although the man did it with good intention, only going through the struggles the butterfly would have emerged like any other beautiful butterflies. That struggle was needed to make the butterfly strong enough to fly.

So any sort of struggle is important for us to fly. That is the moral taught to us since we were kids. 

K feels that I am still in a cocoon and yet to come out and be a butterfly. 
I wont say he is wrong. In fact he is right. 

I had the same conversation with my Mom today, but she said something so profound. She feels that aren't we all still in the cocoon. Who is a butterfly?

Pondering over this right now, I realized that yes, we are all still in the cocoon. Who defines the moment when we become Butterflies? Each day is a struggle to know ourselves a little better. Each day is a new battle where we emerge victorious or on some days we lose. But each day we still learn something new about us. Some good, some bad. Right?

So are we butterflies yet? If each day we are still wandering about looking for our purpose, questioning the deeper meaning of our existence, looking for happiness, understand your role in this world, finding answers each day, going through so many emotions every day, then aren't we all yet in the cocoon?

I feel just because life seems momentarily perfect, with the perfect career, perfect partner, perfect house, does not mean we have emerged as a butterfly.

Honestly I feel we have many "Butterfly Moments" happening each day. We are in our cocoon, we face what we are meant to face, get the awareness we are meant to learn and then become a butterfly in that aspect of the situation. And that’s it.

Then it’s a new day, and we are in the cocoon again. We struggle, live a new day and we go through something that changes us again. We learn some lessons that day that we are suppose to learn, and we emerge as butterflies once again. It a circle. And we go through many such circles all the time. 

So I just wondered whether we truly emerge once and for all as a Butterfly. Or do we repeat this every day. When do we completely understand the deeper meaning of our life and existence and when do we finally say that "Yes, I am a Butterfly." 


(Inked this Butterfly last year)


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