Of viruses and some raw silk

11:57pm: Worst day today.

So it was a regular day. I had slept late the previous night, so it was extremely difficult to get up and go shopping.

A day of bride-to-be duties.

 In the morning I need to kick back with my tea, read something and then get to work. But today I had to go “material” shopping.  Mom, PA (Mom’s best friend) and I were off to four bungalows.  As I entered the shop I went blank. I have honestly never seen so many women in my life. Not even on the train station will you see so many. And more than the women, there were tons and tons of various materials. All colors, all textures, completely strewn all over the place.

My first thought was “I have to find one piece of raw silk from all of these!”

Too many options just end up confusing me.  I was made to choose between two pink raw silk materials. It was said that they are two very different shades, but they looked the same to me.  For me it is just “pink”. Then we went through hordes of net, sequins, laces, mirror work patches and what not and found the loveliest material I have ever seen to be worn as a sari.  

 Thanks to PA, Mom's will and Dad's card, we ended up buying some great stuff! 
So now that the above duties were sorted, it was time to deal with my actual problems.

Since the last 4 days my Facebook account had some problem. I could not post anything, couldn’t show my blog, not even links of stuff I liked. It said that my account was affected by Malware. It is some annoying virus I guess. So since four days I have been trying to sort this issue out. I called my “computer-wala”, he did a complete scan, cleared the full computer, deleted all plug ins and what not. 

No use. 

I did a Facebook clean up. Changed my password three times, deleted all the random applications, de-activated and started again, nothing seemed to work. Thus I decided to create a new account. Added everyone all over again, created the whole thing, and started sharing links, showcased pictures and my artwork. I was all set to delete my previous account. But just by fluke I tried posting a link on it as an “one last time” trial since I owe it to my faithful account. And it worked!
 By some very weird miracle my account suddenly was “virus-free”. And I ended up with two accounts and loads of people messaging me if my account was hacked since they could see two “Tanvi Karnik” profiles.

Sometimes you wonder that why do you end up going through so much trouble for no valid reason. I had left all my work, and was sitting creating a new account when suddenly my old one started working! What did I learn?

Moral of the story: 
  • Have patience. 
  • Do not take even one percent trouble for Facebook. 
  • And if you ever get Malware virus into your social accounts, just ignore it. (I think the deactivating and activating part worked I guess)


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