Sunday Rollicking

9:45 pm:  Dad asked me if I have ever eaten his famous curd rice. I wonder what can be so famous about the mixture of rice and curd. I had no reply to this but somehow ended up as his assistant while he cooked. He made me run around to get him dahi, milk and rice. That’s all there is to it I guess, with some nice tadka which filled the kitchen up with smoke. It turned out good. However I am too full with my dinner of schezwan dosa, so I decide not have curd rice.

10.02 pm:  My really close friend A just called up. She was downstairs and asked me what I was up to. My reply being “I am watching my Dad cook curd rice”, all she said was “your family is strange” and then sent me a big bag of my favorite green tea and a bigger bag of Kaju Katli mithai through the watchman. Her instructions were to have the green tea, and not touch the mithai as it’s overloaded with calories. That mithai is to make my family fat, not me.

So the orange box of mithai is kept in the kitchen, and I brewed myself a nice cup of green tea.

10:12 pm: I am having solid anxiety pangs regarding my commission. Thankfully the aesthetics are decided and now I just need to start.

10:42 pm: K just discussed a show called Aaj Ki Raat hai zindagi, by Amitabh Bachchan. All of them were watching it sometime back on TV.

 It is adapted from the British show Tonight’s the Night, it revolves around common people who have achieved something extraordinary.  Apparently it was promoted well but I had no idea about this show. I have been so disconnected from television and all that’s happening around. I guess I shall check it out, must be good if AB is hosting it.

We had a tiny Pre-birthday celebration for Mom today. It’s her birthday tomorrow! Here’s a picture of Toulouse giving me some “Bhaav” in return for some cake.  

That’s all for Sunday ramblings.


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