Swollen Shenanigans

I was peacefully drawing when I felt it. Six mosquito bites.

Four on one foot and two on the other.  I can’t find that tiny bugger or else I would have madly sprayed “Hit” on it and killed it.

I hate mosquitoes. Stupid Carriers of Dengue. They bite at the most inconvenient spots sometimes, like your pinky toes, or your palm. Once it bit my lip. And even my ear!

Couple of months ago I was involved in a very serious “Insect oriented” accident. My mobile network sucks big time, so I had gone down the building to have a very important conversation. The phone call arranged was with my MIL (mother-in-law), so I needed full network and no disturbance. We talked away for an hour, while I was swatting all bugs that were biting me. I felt a pinch on my foot, some tiny bug had bitten and flown away.  I still do not know exactly which bug bit me.

I came home after a while, and while chatting with my parents I got a massive “scratch attack”. My full body started itching, I became all red. I went for a shower, hoping that probably all the hot water would make the itching go, but to no avail. I came out looking like a balloon. Distorted, blown up and weird. Every part of me was swollen.

I had huge bags all over my body, face, under my eyes. I have never looked so hideous in my life, maybe in my teen years I did, but this was worse. My parents freaked out, my father called the doctor and then ran to get me high dose allergy meds. My Mom hugged me and pacified me. Even Toulouse realized something was wrong and just watched me with his cute concerned filled eyes while I scratched away.

After having the meds over the course of two days the swelling finally subsided.
Those were two horrible days, and also an insight into how I would look if I got fat. So well, time to cut down my junk and work out. (Which is never going to happen)

 The insect count has massively increased. There are so many cases of dengue and allergies.  The year 2015 has seen more than 12,000 reported cases of dengue.  Instead of banning beef, and worrying about cows dying, our government should do something about this disease that kills so many people as there’s no set cure.  

K recently had dengue. My friend R had a very bad dengue case last year. The 8 year old kid of our family friend got it too. It’s like everywhere. It’s become normal now to hear about dengue left right and center.

So here are a few things to do if you don’t want dengue or any insect attacks:
  • Don’t go out.
  • Don’t have houses with windows.
  • Get a frog.
  • Dress like an insect so they think you are a friend.

Hope the above points help.  Time to get back to work!

Chop Chop.


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