Taped "Rau-ters"

11 am: I realized my wifi wasn’t working. Tried to figure out and find the solution to this problem myself.  So since 3 months, the button of my wifi router was broken. The spring didn’t work, and now for the internet to be “on”, the button needed to be turned on which was impossible as the spring was broken. The solution to this was, well the right solution was to called the computer-wala and get a new router. But why waste money when we can think of a totally “Indian” solution.

We decided to stick the button with sellotape, thus the wifi has been eternally “on” for a while. Each time the net would stop working, we knew the button was loose as the tape must be wearing off. So we add more tapes. There are eight layers of tape holding one tiny black button.
However today morning, I realized that now no amount of tape can hold this together, so I made a quick call to the computer wala who is now on his way to fix my router.

12:30 pm:  I ate a McDonalds burger. (Super guilty NOT)

12.45 pm: Mom is super happy with her early birthday gift. She has been dying to read this marathi classic called “Rau” which is based on the life of Bajirao. She has been going on and on and kept going on about how she wants to read Rau which she last read when she was 13 years old. So I looked it up for her, found some tiny Marathi online store and got her the book.  It was a surprise actually that I blurted out to her yesterday by mistake and she knew the book was coming. A lesson to teach me that I need to have a filter system sorted in my head as I blurt out too much all the time.

12:50 pm: I am immersed in my own thoughts of how bad I am at planning surprises.  These thoughts are mixed with a whirlpool of tension and anxiety as I will be starting one of the biggest commissions in art that I have ever tackled. It’s a challenge, with just 10 days for it. I am so excited but nervous with the magnitude of work that has to go in it. I am yet to create the concept and storyline for this order, so I am just waiting for my “Eureka” moment to come. Probably after a few cups of tea, it shall.

1:49 pm:  Received a message from the computer-wala which says “3pm a cam mam”. Which I guess it means that he is coming at 3pm. But somehow magically my wifi has started. I guess the tapes are holding the button in place again! But still, I am waiting for the new router.  We are so dependent on the internet today, few hours its down and I already feel so handicapped. I suddenly remember all the work I need to do and somehow it involves the internet.

1:52 pm: Time for a healthy lunch of Ladyfingers and chapatti.

2:15 pm: K calls up and says that on Monday he is off to Hubli for work.  Whats Hubli? My geography and general knowledge is terrible. It is appalling how I don’t know the basics of our country, the states, and its ministers and basically what is going on in our world. But well knowing me, I couldn’t care less.

So like any other person in need for information, I opened Google. Today I learnt something new. 

Wikipedia says - Hubli officially known as Hubballi is an agglomerating city in the state of Karnataka, India. The name Hubballi literally means "Flowering creeper" in Kannada. The twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad, collectively referred to as "Hubli-Dharwad", is the largest city in Karnataka after Bengaluru.

3:45 pm: Router fixed. Finished watching Grey's Anatomy and now waiting for my maid to come and make me tea. Post tea it’s time to get serious and work.

Back to life.



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