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Eternally curious

Today Mom showed me this article she read by Elizabeth Gilbert, who talks about the concept of “finding your passion” and the rigidity lying behind that thought process.The article revolved around how these days’ people are classified into two categories, ones that have found their calling, and second are those who are yet to find it. A lot of emphasis is always put on finding your true calling, finding your passion, finding something you love, etc.While there are people who instantly know what they are meant to do, there are also a lot of people who are yet to know what they love and live for.There was a time when I too used to run around wondering what I love. I have never known my passion. I used to fly around like a bee around different flowers, jumping from one flower to the next, trying my hand out at different things. But I would lose interest and then move on to the next. Somehow a year ago I realized that my hobby (art) was actually what I loved doing the most, and finally to…

Of buns and lights

The new week has started and I am already piled with work. To- Do list:
Take Toulouse to the vetCall Karan and remind him that we have to go to the vet by 4pmStart the final art commissionEdit the famous Mehta book on HappinessAttend an important puja at K’s officeContact and avail the body massage gift couponBuy a birthday gift for “the sibling”Clean my cupboardBuy a pet bed for ToulouseCreate a new skype id. (I have four skype ids’ of which I can’t remember under what name I made them)Make a “see you after one month” sketch for my art pageStart on my Cupick Interview questionnaireClick good quality images for my 2016 art calendar (doubtful)Contact the courier service and see why R has not yet received the wedding invitationCall the tailor to loosen all my blouses (Thanks to stress eating)Go for an one hour walk (crash course on fitness before wedding)

Today I woke up extremely late. Post 12pm to be precise. I sometimes break my own record of sleep. Due to this, my morning tea, lunch a…

A mother's wings

A mother gives her whole life to her children. Once they come, her universe shifts and suddenly there is a love that develops fiercer than anything. All her life she lives for her children, thinks for them, works for them and breathes for them. Each and every minute of her life now goes in hoping and praying for their well being.
Most of the times at the expense of her wings, she gives her children the wings to soar.
My mother has completely lived for us. Her whole world has been “The Sibling” and me.  And now when I leave in a few days, I worry. Not just about how I will cope without my Mom near me 24/7, but wondering how she will be without me.
Over time a mother has done everything possible to make her child a good human being. She gives them the tools and essentials needed to face whatever life is going to throw at them. Sometimes she shelters, sometimes protects, she teaches and sometimes she lets go. She lets us fall so we learn; she sometimes needs to hurt to make us stronger. …