Of buns and lights

The new week has started and I am already piled with work.
To- Do list:

  • Take Toulouse to the vet
  • Call Karan and remind him that we have to go to the vet by 4pm
  • Start the final art commission
  • Edit the famous Mehta book on Happiness
  • Attend an important puja at K’s office
  • Contact and avail the body massage gift coupon
  • Buy a birthday gift for “the sibling”
  • Clean my cupboard    
  • Buy a pet bed for Toulouse
  • Create a new skype id. (I have four skype ids’ of which I can’t remember under what name I made them)
  • Make a “see you after one month” sketch for my art page
  • Start on my Cupick Interview questionnaire
  • Click good quality images for my 2016 art calendar (doubtful)
  • Contact the courier service and see why R has not yet received the wedding invitation
  • Call the tailor to loosen all my blouses (Thanks to stress eating)
  • Go for an one hour walk (crash course on fitness before wedding)

Today I woke up extremely late. Post 12pm to be precise. I sometimes break my own record of sleep. Due to this, my morning tea, lunch and evening tea time have all over lapped. I got done with lunch 10 minutes ago and it’s already my time to have tea.

The Sibling has been trying to grow a bun on his head for my Shaadi. I don't know why this hairstyle is popular, but well, absolutely anything can become viral in this world. The siblings hair bun is growing as fast as a snail's walk. However his ponytail now resembles a mini coconut tree if not a big bun. Someone on Facebook today posted artificial hair buns for men which they can now just attach to their weird heads. 

While I "like" this post on facebook for its absurdity, I get a call from K. 

K has seen that link of man buns and has concluded that he too wants to wear one. 

The sibling wanting a bun I can understand, my dedicated gujjuboy-fiance wanting one, I cannot understand. 

I am brutally honest, sometimes very very brutal. I shoot down the idea.
As it is he has curly hair, and a shiny fake silky hairy bun will look extremely odd.
I feel K looks very innocent and responsible. You need a mean-I-dont-care-about-anyone face to pull off a tiny hairy bun on your head.

K, you look perfect just the way you are. I don't want any bun on your head. 

Enough "hairy bun" talks..

I have to take Tulli to the vet, it’s a three hour affair, so in those three hours I will sit and edit the “Mehta book".
Mehta books are actually called “Simple way to Happiness”. They are a series of 7 books created by my in-laws, filled with motivational stories that have subtle morals in them.  It is basically a mini “Secret” book. So now that the 8th book has been created, all of us have to read and edit the book. I have to give my dad-in-law the edited version by tomorrow. (Yikes, I am yet to start)

Important announcement: I learnt two new things in the past 3 days.

Firstly, after a tiring day, soak your feel in a tub of hot water. You are sorted. All tension goes and you end up sleeping really well.
Second, if you get hiccups, just press your nose and same time have one sip of water. Your ears open up and the hiccups disappear!

Moving on from hiccups….

Diwali is here and it’s now time to light up your home, and most importantly, light up your life. It’s time to now leave all the darkness behind and be grateful to what you have been given. Only in your dark times can the light prevail, so have gratitude for the tough times as they give you valuable lessons. Each day is a new beginning, a new chance to change your life and live for what you believe in.
So light up your homes, and be happy. Enjoy your Diwali and most importantly say NO to crackers. Please take a moment to think how harmful they are to nature. Animals cannot handle them, many birds and insects die, and they cause a hell lot of noise/air pollution. So instead of crackers, buy beautiful lanterns and celebrate a peaceful Diwali.



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