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Cabbage patch with a white line


Its a nice thursday evening and I am so excited for the weekend. Nothing fancy planned, its just that I don't have to pack tiffins for 2 days and I get to spend all my time with K. I am also looking forward to catching some sleep. I really really miss sleeping for long durations!

We all had a very heavy lunch and I am feeling extremely lazy. I was very proud today as I cooked "cabbage sabji" and made cheese paneer paratha. I am so surprised that these days my aspirations are based on how well I cook vegetables and what all variety of breakfast can I feed my family. To quote my Dad, "what you didn't do in 26 years, you are doing in 26 days!"

A lot of my writing currently revolves around kitchen and food. My mornings are so busy that I end up coming to work by 1pm. So basically before running "Ink Tales", I run "Food Tales" in the morning. 

I need tea, my head's going to hit the keyboard of my laptop very soon. 

Sometime back I was discussing with Dad and his friend Ki, about how a painting by Barnet Newman sold for 44 million dollars. Incase you are wondering what the painting was, it was basically a blue canvas with a white line in the centre. That's it.
He was a huge artist and was famous for his abstract expressions. But still, 44 million dollars!

I questioned that on what basis do these paintings sell? What do people see in it?

They answered it very well. People pay for the perceived value of the art, not the content of it. These days you pay for the aura or intellect of a person. not what he has created. Makes sense. 

So I wonder that actual true artists, who are slogging hard to create amazing content, will they ever sell something for 44 million dollars? Or is everything hardcore marketing where tomorrow, people will even buy utter crap if we create some majestic aura around it? We pay for the aura these days, not the art itself.

I am shocked that movies without content also make 500 crores these days. Such utter nonsense, but the public still enjoys it. So whose to blame here. The people who make this crap and mooch money off, or the public who lets such crap mooch of them?

Guess everything today is marketing. It always was and will always be.

Any ways moving on from this heavy topic, here's a drawing I made recently to showcase how we should convert out negative thoughts into positive ones. 

It's very easy to lose focus in life and lack gratitude. In the rat race that we are living in its extremely easy to get frustrated and demotivated. So here's an abstract drawing I did to show how we should turn all our negatives into positives. It's called "Shift focus". Lately I have been very negative. Always complaining about everything possible. It's just that a new life after 26 years of living in a certain way starts taking a toll on you. But everything has been going so well (minus the kitchen and vegetable shopping) that I thought its time to count the blessings. So now I make it a point to take few minutes out in a day to have gratitude for everything wonderful that God has given me.

Ok now I am having tea. 
smile emoticoSo have gratitude for all the blessings you have been given, thank God for all the support and strength he provided. Difficult times don't last, so just see the best in every situation and power through.


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