goosfraba and some milk

Couple of days ago I was rectifying the Palak Paneer our cook had made whilst wearing a tshirt that said "Fight for your right to party".

Life and irony go hand in hand. 

Life took a sharp turn when I got married. Suddenly I am a new person living a totally new life. Along  with K, I have also married the whole house and a very big gujarati kitchen.

The kitchen is a parallel universe where a lot of instances occur. It is literally a never ending zone of too many vegetables and daal. Recently in our Mehta kitchen my Mil successfully managed to create milk out of drumsticks and peanuts. (Weird, I know)

If you are wondering why we are trying to create milk, its a very long story. Any ways if milk can be made in our kitchen, then anything can happen there.

So moving on from milk, I am right now a very happy person.

The reason being that I now have my own workspace in Bandra. But not only that, the reason I am so happy is because I share my workspace with my father! There is too much joy in seeing your Dad everyday at work, especially after marriage.

Marriage makes you realise a lot of things. What I have realised the most after marriage is how much I love my family and how crazily I miss my home. This actually has made me more irritable and short tempered as a person. (Sorry K)..tiny incidents can make you a burning hot volcano ready to spit out all the lava! Little bit of traffic, vegetable shopping, the thought of playing monopoly and even your alarm clock can make you want to kill somebody. (K feels I will kill him one day, but I will try not to)

I used to be so patient in traffic, peacefully enjoying my music. But today when I was stuck at Dadar on my way to Bandra I completely lost my cool. 
I ranted to my taxi driver, my mom (twice) and ofcourse K (thrice).  Please never ever use the Tulsi Pipe road in your life. Always take Sealink even if you don"t need it.

K has a new tactic to calm me down. He has now started chanting the word "Goosfraba- goosfraba"

Dont ask why but only he can cheer me up! Those words apart from a calming effect can make me laugh. (Try it only if your a funny husband/weird wife)

Do google Goosfraba! 

Any ways, I have lots of work to do on my new desk! Plus a very heavy gujju lunch to eat! 
Waiting for 4.30pm! Want to know why? I am going to have tea with Dad along with chips, chocolates and strawberries!


ps- More rantings in the next post!


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