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We are waiting to board our flight to Delhi. My K is too busy attending work calls and is loudly jabbering in hardcore Gujarati. I have told him to calm down as people are staring at us. I would always laugh at people who spoke loudly in their mother tongue, especially Gujjus. Who knew I would marry one though. So while I am making peace with all this, I decide to do something else. Observe people.

You end up finding so many stories by just looking at random people. Right behind me is a man sleeping. His head is tilted in such a weird angle and its so close to my head that he can easily pass on lice to me if had any.. In front of me is this foreign couple dressed in overtly casual clothes. They are massaging each others backs and conducting acupressure. Seems like they have just done some yoga/massage/meditation camp and probably feel they have attained the highest spiritual level. And now they are meditating. Cool.

Whom should I look at now?

A young father is sitting with his son on the side. Father is on a phone call while the son is hitting his stomach.
I wonder how parents do this. How do they manage children on a trip. I mean I was such a pain in the ass to my parents when I was small. I hope karma doesn't bite me back..

M's wedding went well and I cant believe its the last time I am seeing her. She will now move to USA for good. So probably in the future if we go there or she comes down I can see her.
Again in the flight, going back to Mumbai. Did not really like Delhi so much and I am super glad to be heading back home.

We had a mad morning today. Tip of the day: when you have a flight, reach 2 hours before. ALWAYS. (common sense)

Our flight was at 9:45 am.

We got up late. First mistake.

We left at 8.15 am the airport was a good 35 mins away.
We took a rickshaw thanks to K as he got late in booking the cab.  Second mistake.
Open rickshaw, no jacket and Delhi. Third mistake.

 I was freezing and must have around a million goosebumps. You know how they say that goosebumps actually are a defence mechanism where our hair actually stand up to keep us warm by collecting heat.
Naah. I dont think so. Those million goosebumps did nothing what so ever.

Moving on, our rick said they do not drop people to the terminal as they are not allowed, thereby leaving us stranded at a random bus stop where the airport shuttle arrives.
We were convinced we would miss our flight. We got on the shuttle, reached the terminal and ran. K went all Milkha on me and ran. He even forgot that his wife has tiny feet and cannot keep up.

The check in counter was nearly closed but we managed to get through somehow and got the flight right when the boarding was about to shut!

Pretty eventful. Super hungry and very sleepy. But well they served us pasta in the plane so I was happy.
Jet airways and Air India. I love them. They always feed the hungry.
 In the last three months of our marriage we have taken too many flights. Our honeymoon, family outings, marriages and now our soon to come Rajasthan trip gives us the total of 18 flight journeys!
Its been a super busy three months for us, but its good being busy. Gets your mind off the routine called Life.
Any ways I am working on my travel articles. Will update soon. Stay tuned. 



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