Maid in heaven

I have always had weird maids at the Karnik household and now at the Mehta household. 

I am at the Karnik household for one day. While my maid was serving us breakfast, her phone starts to ring... "Jab tum chahoo pass aate ho, jab tum chaaho duur jaate ho". For those who don't know, this song is from the movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Thanks to this playing four times already, I have been singing it since morning.

 Whereas at the Mehta household, the cook too has a weird ringtone. It decides to ring at eight in the morning while we are all frantically cooking. It starts like "Jaane wafa hoke bekarar", some crap like that. Its the sad version of the Kuch Kuch hota hai song. (I know its appalling that I know every hindi song that exists)
Both my cooks are going through some major love problem, while I revel in joy as I got a great start to my blog.

I do not need to explain to anyone the importance of maids. I am sure everyone who reads my blog will agree that maids are integral to our existence. So I am ready to even listen to Bhojpuri songs as long as they stay put and make my life easy. Here are some odd incidents of my life.

Incident 1:
Couple of days back "Mr Tiny man" comes to me. He has been working with us for a couple of months and since he is young boy who is shorter than me, I will refer to him as Mr Tiny man. 

Mr Tiny man shows me his pinky finger.

Mr Tiny man - Bhabhi look! 
Me- What?
Mr Tiny man- I am growing my nail.
Me - Why?
Mr Tiny man - I want it to be long and put nail polish!
Me - Do you want to be a girl?
Mr Tiny man- No Bhabhi! It is fashion! Everyone does it, it looks very good. 
Me- (dumbfounded) Ok.
(Silently wondering what type of male company he hangs around with)

Incident 2:
Cook - Bhabhi there are ghosts in this building.
Me- What rubbish.
Cook - Yes Bhabhi! We sleep on the stairs. We know things you don't know. But there are no ghosts in the house, just in the passage. They wont come inside, you'll play too many "bhagwan" songs.
Me - Ok.

(Yes, we do play too many "Bhagwan" songs. Every room my "Dil" (dad-in-law) has installed speakers. So we have bhajans and mantras playing in the house 24/7 ) 
Each time I shut my speaker hoping for some quiet moments, he knows. He always tell me "It is for your happiness beta!" 

Moving on from my bhajan nights to the Cook, thanks to him, I am now scared in my own house. I refuse to leave my room in the dark. If I do go, I am constantly chanting "Om Namah Shiva". Those 24/7 bhajans playing loudly in the dark scare me more! 

 Hence it is K's duty to get water and late night snacks for me at night. Always.

The cook is now going on a three month leave. He wants to build a house in the village, while I will be building more food. It's going to be a tough three months. But since I am home right now, I am in a zen mode.
 I shall now open a bag of Lays, have a glass of Coke and read Mrs Funnybones.



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