I have applied "Clincitop" cream on my face. An absolute urgency as my really good friend is getting married tomorrow and my face has chosen this wonderful time to pop up two pimples. 


It's my husband's birthday today! Happy Birthday K! For a birthday gift I have planned a nine day Rajasthan trip for him and we leave on 2nd March! 
We are super excited. Well he is excited right now, but when I gave him the surprise he was in extreme shock. I have never seen so many emotions on his face before, nor have I ever answered so many questions in my life. His first question to me was "are you mad?"

I created this illustration for him. (My way of presenting the gift) :D I have now decided that I will be creating a section of travel diaries on my blog. 
So firstly I shall be publishing the complete log of my Australia and New Zealand adventures. All the places we went, sweet experiences and the mad adventures. Those 18 days were so crazy that I wonder why I did not write about them before. It's going to be little difficult to recollect exactly what all we did those 18 days though thankfully we both had maintained a mini travel journal. Lets see how the travel articles unfold. 

And once we are back from Rajasthan, will present that on the blog too. I have always had the wish and will to travel. Thankfully K feels the same way. So we hope that we always go on such little/big adventures often in life. For me, more than material stuff I would rather prefer to collect travel memories in life. Hope to get many stamps on my passport and mark off countries/cities off the map one tiny step at a time. 

Off to Delhi tomorrow for a day to attend M's wedding. Will post once I am back!


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