April antics

It's April 1st and my blog challenge starts today. Thinking that if I want to back out right now all I have to do is scream "April fool" and get back to life. Not doing that though.

Today is an important day and the reason is that it's my Toulouse's birthday.  21 days since he passed away. If he was with me I would be celebrating his 6th birthday.  Anyways I do not want to mope, instead for him I will try to be happy and instead dedicate today's post to my antics this month. (I miss you every second Tuli)
I have taken on two challenges this month.  I have not done anything productive the whole of March in terms of work . I saw the challenges online and decided to go for it.

Firstly I am doing a blog writing challenge where I have to write an article everyday for the month of April except for Sundays, thus making it 26 articles for the month. It is called the A to Z writing challenge. Since I love jabbering and ranting all the time, I am pretty sure I can pull this off.  (hopefullly) Since the posts are to be written alphabetically (A-Z) hence this post is named "April antics".

The second challenge I have taken on is the "36 days of type" challenge.  It started on 29th March, where I will create an alphabet in my art form (ink) each day and then the numerals from one to ten. It's a typography challenge and matches my writing challenge in terms of the theme so I joined it instantly. Here is the letter A in my art form. I have hidden some objects starting from A in the doodle. Can you'll spot them?


I feel I have taken on a lot actually with two challenges, four commissions along with managing my huge family but I really need to do this to get over my creative block.  And once you announce it to the whole world through your articles then you kind off have to do it even if you don't want to. So please please wish me luck that I do this and don't give up like my "inktober" challenges. I kind off have this jinx where whichever monthly challenge I take, I stop my activity by the time I reach the 15th day. Always.

But I guess I will pull this off, so would request you peeps who follow my work to please push me in case I slack! Anyone who is interested to try out these challenges or just reach out for any other thing or have a chat can mail me at tanvik89@gmail.com
I am also open to some great blog topic ideas so feel free to comment/mail.
That's all for now, stay tuned for the "B" post.



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  2. All the best for the Challenges Tanvi! I agree 2 challenges in one month along with regular work (and life!) is a LOT on your plate - but imagine this, if you can pull this off, not only will you have completed two super productive challenges, you'll have a ton of amazing artwork (and articles) to relive and enjoy ... forever :) To be honest, I havent taken up any of those 365 days Photo challenges or even the monthly challenges because I can create only during those moments of inspiration and I cant force myself to be inspired everyday.. but I'm super inspired by you! If you pull the lettering challenge off, I think I'll sign up for a photo challenge in May 2016 ;) You can crush it!!!

  3. Sneha! Thank you so much! Loved your article too! Your so funny :P hope I pull it off and I am looking forward for your photography challenge!

  4. Came through Ato Z challenge.. Keep rocking with two challenges side by side.

    1. thank you! Checked out your profile..crazy recipes..will def go through them..

  5. I love your 'ink' work. A beautiful A. And very sorry for the loss of your Toulouse!

    Paula from
    Smidgen, Snippets, & Bits


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