Cooking tales and some chocolate balls

My first memory of cooking was when I came across Chocolate balls made by my friend in school. I think we were in the fifth or sixth grade. It was extremely tasty and just required four ingredients. Cocoa powder, crushed Marie biscuits, condensed milk and some coconut. Voila! A chocolatey gooey goodness was ready. The Sibling and I went mad over this and made it nearly everyday. It took us ages to mix everything correctly so as to be edible. Countless packets of biscuits and numerous cans later we finally mastered how to make it. At least I did. The Sibling still loves it only when I prepare it. He prefers it without coconut. So even today I whip it up sometimes for him. But I think I end up eating most of them.


Since then I have had a "little" love for cooking. But my cooking tales were mostly only about stuff I loved to eat. I learnt cakes, cookies, pastas and what not. Now I am married into a house where cooking is a major part of my life. Out of twenty four hours, I must be spending six hours making something and the rest of my time discussing food/cooking.

I never imagined myself to know so much about "regular" cooking. In fact my parents always joked that I would only feed my husband Maggi and Pasta. Now I am this girl who wakes up and can cook most of the dishes that happen in my big gujju kitchen. 

I did not ever consider cooking integral to our existence. Never thought it to be that important. I still feel that it is not the sole thing to know, but it's good to learn it. My Mom always told me that you may never cook in life, but you should always know. Just to give you a little confidence that you can survive anywhere when you know the basics. As I get better in the kitchen, my self worth, confidence and perspective changes a little each day. I know our self worth does not need to be defined by the number of dishes we can prepare, but it does add a few brownie points to the list of things we are good at. 

So somewhere, a tiny part of me is happy that I cook a little everyday as now I know that where ever I am in the world and no matter what ingredients I have, I can cook something edible for sure to feed the people I love.
That's all I need to say for today. Stay tuned for D.

PS- Here is a Cinderella inspired C from my typography challenge. 



  1. Another beautiful ink drawing. I loved the idea of you cooking those chocolate balls. They sound scrumptious!

    Paula from
    Smidgen, Snippets, & Bits

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you :) Was planning to write about cooking, then I read yours and got more inspired :D

  2. Your ink drawing is truly beautiful. Having found cooking very stressful for much of my life I'm slowly building my confidence and enjoying the process.

    1. Thank you Rosie :) Do you blog? Send me your link

  3. I **LOVE** your doodles; honestly look forward to them even more than your texts. Though I enjoy I enjoy seeing life in a very different culture than my own.

    1. Thanks!! Yea life in India is crazy but I am sure so is the life on a boat. Would love to experience that once.


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