Empathetic Woes

I asked my Mum to suggest me a topic for E. She said empathy.
She quoted "We all may have compassion but what we lack is empathy."

Being a psychology student I remember having a whole chapter dedicated to this subject. That time I studied it throughly just to scrape through my semester and get my degree. As life moves ahead slowly I understand it a little more with each passing day. 
The standard defination is "Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling."

We are all always judging everyone. We are sitting in a high chair and passing comments and opinions on every little thing. Take for example the Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case. It is sad. We do not know what she must be going through. Love, family, financial problems, career are all important factors in life. Everyone goes through depression and the extent of it is something we do not know. 

Hema Malini recently tweeted that we should not be discussing "senseless" suicides, or that people who commit suicides are "losers".

That poor girl's family just went through a huge loss. Death of the person we love is the biggest pain. Losing a child is bigger than that. 
 Who are we to call her death senseless? Who are we to say that she is a loser? How can anyone sit there and comment about this sensitive issue. Have you walked in her shoes? We do not know the battles a person goes through. We ourselves are fighting each day, an internal struggle trying to cope with "D" issues. Every person deals with it in their own right. Some may choose to fight and some may just not cope any more. 

This suicide case has gripped Mumbai and has become a new way to garner publicity. In the newspaper today there was a huge article splashed across where Rakhi Sawant (idiot) barged into the police station with a ceiling fan. She claims that if ceiling fans are banned the suicide rates will decrease. Sure. Root cause for all suicides. Fans. Cool.

Some things render you speechless and this is one of them. I do not wish to even comment. 

I am surprised by the level of thinking, the thought process and how inhuman some people can be. It's high time people just mind their business. If they can't speak any good, or if they have nothing to say that can help the hurt, then they better just shut up. 

Very glad to see Pratyusha Banerjee's family and friends maintain a dignified silence. Sometimes ignoring idiotic people is the apt way to deal with issues. 

Or we could just go and shoot these people off one by one. 

PS- Here is the E doodle. I am sure many can guess the theme. 



  1. Because I work as a counselor for people fighting alcoholism and drug addiction, I think a lot about empathy, compassion and sympathy. I think one of the keys to truly feeling compassion and empathy is having exposure to people from all walks of life, who are struggling with all sorts of things. Nothing brings people to life as individuals like exposure, getting to know on a personal level that human beings have more similarities than differences.

    Beautiful post. Nice to meet a fellow A-Z Challenger.


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