For the Love of Vegetables - NOt

Oh God. I am always surrounded by vegetables. No, I do not have any love for eating them or growing them. But when you are married in a Gujju house, they become a huge part of your existence.

Matrimony is tough. Especially when it comes to vegetable and grocery shopping. I do not mind and I understand the importance. But when you have to buy vegetables every four days in the scorching heat of Dadar market then you feel something else. You feel an emotion called "hate".

Our family is huge, comprising of six people and three maids. So to feed nine people we need loads of vegetables as that's all we eat. And since we want to live "economically" we have to shop from these weird local markets. Now don't get me wrong. Dadar market is good, filled with fresh produce and amazing rates. But when you have to go in the afternoon Mumbai heat, it gets damn right inconvenient.  

You will find my Mil and me roaming those streets every week. Either we are bargaining or we are coughing. Due to a million chillies strewn on the road, everyone there is continuously coughing or probably spreading TB. You will see many characters there. The arrogant sellers, the disinterested vendors, bored housewives (me), women who love bargaining (Mil), old men (yes, they shop too) and many drug addicts. Yea, loads of drug addicts sit by the road, smoke and stare. I do not know if they are vendors or random people, but I at least spot three of them each time I go there. 


Anyways, today was one of those "lucky" days I got to go to Dadar market with Mil. Unfortunately I forgot my cap. Oh yes, I did not mention this before. Each time I go there I wear a cap, sport shoes and carry a bottle of water. (a must for all shoppers there)

As soon as we start buying apples, the municipality truck comes. Now selling on footpaths is illegal. In Mumbai there are no footpaths as there is a tiny shop everywhere and a little bit of road to drive. So all the vendors were distracted and running like headless chickens. They all went to hide their vegetable baskets as the men from the truck were confiscating everything. 

And then the ultimate thing happened. This thing made me realize that today I have to blog about vegetables. One vendor selling Green beans, also called String beans took his complete stock and squished it into a garbage bin next to him. He nicely kept stuffing them. We were in complete shock and I was kicking myself for not carrying my mobile as I now do not have a video or photo of this madness that happens probably only in India. Or some other weirder countries. And not just that, he picked up his big foot and kept kicking and squishing the Beans deeper inside. He then took some regular garbage and covered it on top so that it looks "normal". 

He then took the garbage bin and went to find another spot to sell as surely all shoppers here saw what he did. He must have now sold those Beans to heaven knows how many people. I am sure in many houses those same Beans are being served as dinner. 

I honestly do not know what we buy these days and what we eat. All I know is that now I will ensure that I see every vegetable is washed properly at home. 


PS- A father themed F doodle. Dad had suggested that I should doodle a "faith" themed artwork, but for me F is always Father. Anyways a Father and Faith is the same thing. 




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