gotta love Orchid

5.54pm: Contemplating having a cup of tea but I am too bored to make it. I am sitting in a comfortable bed at the Hotel Orchid. The Mehta household has decided to take a "staycation" to honor this long three day weekend we have. The six of us packed our bags, stuffed ourselves into the car and came to Orchid. Our car was jammed with six bags, three backpacks, loads of tiny bags and some more tinier bags. We do not know why we have so much luggage for a two day stay, that too in our own city.

Orchid is our favorite hotel. No wait. Correction. Orchid is my In-laws favourite hotel. It is known for its amazing vegetarian spread of food. Thus it is a "winner" and every year we renew our membership. It seems this membership will be passed on to all our future generations. Most of our birthdays, anniversaries and random occasions are always celebrated at Orchid. We want to entertain people, go to Orchid. We got a good business deal, go to Orchid. We have a work meeting, go to Orchid. We are hungry, go to Orchid.

Thus we end up in Orchid every month for lunch/dinner and sometimes just to stay/relax . I really like Orchid. The rooms are awesome and the buffet always serves Chinese. So I am a happy person here.  For two nights and three days  we will be spending our time eating obviously, playing  cards, playing Monopoly out of force as the Mehta men love it and some compulsory gymming. This is Dil's special request. He has made sure we have all packed our sport shoes and that everyday we will exercise. So sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. (trying to sound all gangsta, not gujju)

6.13pm: Waiting for the Internet guy to sort our connection in the room. Without it working I cannot post or publish anything on my blog and art page. So I desperately need my internet to start. 

6.19pm: Making coffee for K and some tea for myself. (finally)

6.30pm: Sitting with my tea and waiting for a miracle. Internet still not working.

6.38pm: Watching some TV. Super hungry. This is what happens in this hotel. We always feel hungry so we always eat.

6.43pm: Finally! Internet is working.

Now we are watching Ratatouille. One of our favourite movies! Going to unwind and relax. Will post tomorrow. Stay tuned for H.

PS- A Gravity themed doodle suggested by K for G. :)



  1. How lovely that you have such a connection with a nice Hotel!

  2. How lovely that you have such a connection with a nice Hotel!


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