i for inktales

I am the most confounded and confused person you will ever meet. I never seem to know what I am doing in life, I never seem to have an idea where I am heading and I never seem to care.

Yes, laid back, bored and random. That's me.

I somehow managed to scrape through school with a distinction. No idea how, as my family were praying that I at least pass. I breezed through college with a first class, no idea how. Honestly I never studied. It's not like I hated studying, I was just too bored to study. Another issue is that I never really fully enjoyed anything. So once I was done with my 12th grade, the big questions popped up. What do you want to do in life, what is your ambition, where do you see yourself in five years, what are you passionate about? 

No God damn idea.

Went to a fashion college, did very well since I was pretty creative, but that field wasn't for me. A girl who hated brands, never really liked shopping, loved to buy cheap sandals off the road and did not know how to pronounce half the fashion names, had no business being in this field.

So I decided to be safe and go for a regular Bachelor's of Arts degree. Three years whizzed by and I took up psychology. I am an agony aunt. I thought "why not do that for a living." It was a wonderful subject. I loved it so much that I pursued it further and did a Masters in Psychology. Chose Industrial Psychology and then went on to work in Human Resources. Did it for one month, yes, just one month. Hated it. Hated it to my very core. 

So I moved on to teaching. Got a good job at an international school. Thought that's a great way to mix my "like" for children along with a subject I love. Now I used to do my "ink drawing" on the side since I was in college. It was just a hobby and I had no vision regarding it. Those hours I spent doodling would give me happiness so I kept at it. Even with my taxing school hours, I would pull all nighters just to draw. I got loads of appreciation for my work suddenly and then custom orders started pouring in.

I was pleasantly surprised because I never thought doodling could give me something more than what my monthly salary did. Within five months I left my school and decided to pursue my art for good. It took a while to convince everyone that I really love it and I will stick to it. It wasn't just another leap or escape to get away from my teaching job. So I worked hard and it is finally paying off. 

Thanks to God, my family and all the support/well wishes from people, my art page "Ink Tales" is doing well. It sustains me comfortably and most importantly I get the appreciation that I always wanted. For me more than money, appreciation and a little recognition has been a priority. I got published in many art blogs, have many fan followers and many people mail me each day telling me how inspired they are and how they too want to doodle. 

Which is why as a surprise for all I will be planning an "ink tale" lesson for my fans soon!

So the moral of this post is that keep leaping, have faith and one fine day it will all pay off. One fine day each and every one of you will find a "tale" of their own. 

PS- Here is an "ink" inspired doodle to honour my art brand Ink Tales.



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