Kooky moods and some kookiness

I have been wondering since last night, "what should I write about with K?"

After many Whatsapp messages with Mom, she suggested I write about my "killer mood swings". I like the idea as Tanvi and mood swings are two sides of the same coin. But instead of killer I have used a new word today. I chose kooky. Kooky means strange or weird. (Google it, it's really a word)
K can't believe it's an actual word so I suggest you all look it up.

Incidentally my pet name for K is Kookie, as in cookies/biscuits. But I guess since he is as weird as me I shall now call him Kooky. (sounds the same, so he won't know what I exactly mean).

We all have mood swings I am sure. Mine borders on bipolar disorder I guess. My moods have the reputation of scaring the living daylights out of K and Mom. The Mother is used to my moods and K is finally getting very "very" used to my moods. Your moods swings have the tendency to affect the people you love the most. So the days I get my horrid or lets say kooky mood swings, God save K and the Mother. (Otherwise I am a lovely person)

I feel two emotions at the same time. When something funny happens, I laugh (obviously) and in a split second I start crying. When the funny instance is occurring, at the same time I remember something horrifying, thus it makes me laugh and cry simultaneously. (Kooky, I know. Does it happen to you'll?)

Sometimes I just randomly dance to get attention, or I sing in my worst possible voice. These are attention seeking tactics when I want "bhav" from my Mom and K. I used to do this with my pet Toulouse too. He always gave me attention, especially when I started dancing weirdly. He would wag his tail, thus encouraging me to create more atrocious steps.

Also when people I love are peacefully sleeping, I have an unnatural desire to disturb them. It's just because I am not sleeping peacefully so I feel they shouldn't too. Hence I will throw something on the floor, like a bottle or a book. Or else I will just go and wake them up. I used to tickle people before to wake them. I tried it with my Dad once. I bent over to tickle his foot and got a massive kick on my face. He claims he did it in his sleep, but well I am sure he meant that kick. So now I do not tickle anyone in their sleep. Mom and K both have Maradona feet. Thick and strong. One kick from both is enough to kill me I feel.  

 My other standard mood swing is when I just do not want to talk to anyone. This happens often. I hate people and as I am getting older, my hate seems to increase. I just do not feel like talking to anyone sometimes. There is so much to think and do that I feel talking is just a waste of time. That's when I go into my shell. I just want to be left alone. This lasts for about half an hour, sometimes one hour. (I feel its normal more than kooky)

One more kooky fact. Last one I promise because I am sure you do not even care about my kookiness. I eat Tic-tac in even numbers. Remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it is Monica's quirk too. I only eat two of them, sometimes four. Never one or three. (Even K doesn't know this)

So enough kooky crap for now. Peace!

PS- I am a chess lover, so here is a "knight" inspired K doodle. 


  1. I stumbled upon your blog through #AtoZChallenge and your posts are very interesting. The good post is one where the readers feel that you are actually talking to them and your posts are like that. They just have that effect where I felt like I am talking to a person. Kooky no it's called sheer brilliance :)

    And, I just love your doodles.
    Keep writing!

    @Manisha_Awasthi from
    The Nimble Mime

    1. Hi Manisha, thank you so much! I feel very happy when people read my stuff and like it for it's simplicity. I just put down what I think and I feel it's all worth it when you guys read and comment. I liked your work too. Read your Ki and Ka, joyful focus, etc. :) Will def follow you..cheers.


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