Not so cool

What is cool? I don't know. But I always wanted to be 'cool'. Especially in school. 

Now in school I was a big dork. I looked weird, talked weird and dressed very weird. It's not like I was nerdy either, academically brilliant with braces and all. I was ordinary. Many family members called me 'Jassi', a woman from a television show who was really ugly with big glasses and braces. She was the Indian copy of Ugly Betty. 

Anyways in school I became friends with A. She was the popular kind and everyone wondered how we ended up best friends. Under her influence like a typically teenager I strived to become cooler. (Lame I know). But at that age all you want is to look good. When I was fifteen, the new hairstyle of "bangs" were introduced. Every girl was getting it done. A lovely pony with two flicks coming off. Apparently that was a big deal for me and I really wanted it. I wanted it so bad that instead of going to the salon I decided to do it myself. So I took the scissors and gave myself flicks. My God, terrible times! It looked ugly (obviously) and it took ages to get back to normal. 

My school skirts were extremely long. Actually no, they were a normal length, but since I was short every skirt I wore came a few inches above my ankles. Now that was very 'uncool' according to A. She made sure I altered them and wore short skirts to school since that was 'in'. Damn, he altered it a little too much. It became so short that I was uncomfortable for the full year. I had to hold it down and walk to my bus stop as a little breeze could make me the Marilyn Monroe of Versova.

I even cancelled a school trip once since I did not have nice clothes. (I did have nice clothes, I was just acting like a dumb teen).  

I know all this is so silly, but at that time it was as if life would end if I didn't have new clothes, or a great haircut. It was so important to be liked by people. Guess this is what all teenagers think. Boys, clothes, hair, friends, parties are all priorities at that age. I didn't have all that till I went to college, but still I was the typical teen who wanted it all. 

My first ever outing with a friend was with A, at Barista for coffee to celebrate her birthday when I was thirteen. I remember being so excited to be invited. (Small joys)
I feel I was like Amy Ferrafowler but a non-smart version. 

That's all of the 'not so cool' rant. 

I am at home with my parents, Sibling, K and my Grandmom. They all are pissed that I am blogging instead of chilling with them, so peace! Bye!

PS- Here is the N doodle. Stay tuned for O.


  1. so true.. and so typical of us all as teenagers! kids can be so mean at that age as well without realising it. good ol funny days :D

    1. yea..funny n weird times :) But it teaches you something for sure.

  2. I was a nerd too...and I too tried too hard to look cool during my college days. It's so embarrassing when I think about it now.


    Do drop by mine.


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