Oh my freaking god

I am very irritated which is nothing new as I am always irritated. Today I am irritated with my maid because he is very irritating. So now enough with the irritating talks since I do not want to irritate you. However this gave me an idea and I thought, why not write a post about everything that irritates me and makes me scream "Oh my freaking God". Freaking is the word I chose as any other word that sounds similar will not be appropriate on my blog. 

I promise not to rant and my next posts will be more "positive". (Kind off)

Here's the list.

  • Constant food talk - When all the time people are talking only about food. What they ate, when they ate, what to cook, how to cook, how to eat, what is missing, how we can replicate it, how we can improve it, how it sucks, how it rocks, food, food, food, food and lots of food. OMFG.
  • Shopping - When you are not a shopping person but it becomes a massive part of your life. And no, I do not mean shopping for clothes. I mean "other" stuff. Boring stuff. Masalas, vegetables, groceries, pulses and many more types of flours. I can go on. OMFG.
  • Religious talks/rituals - I have zero, ZERO patience for them. Anyone who gets preachy, believes in random nonsense, thinks the world will end if they do not do the rituals, who judge others, who preach all the time on how their God is the best. I want to kill them. But obviously I cannot. So I just imagine killing them. OMFG.
  • Period issues - It's like women are untouchable when this happens. I never see society changing on this aspect no matter how much we try. All the advertisements, or articles are of no use in this context. Don't touch this, don't eat prasad, you cannot come near God, wash your hair and come. I can rant on for a thousand words regarding this. I have no tolerance when it comes to this. I am not a feminist but certain things on which women are put down upon especially something as natural as period which is given none other than by "God" , I will never accept that, nor will I raise my children to agree with such nonsense. OMFG.
  • Gender roles- Another fact that makes me want to go to my building terrace and scream OMFG like hundred times. The fact that men assigned roles by society and countless families. The man earns, the woman handles the house. The man has to fend for family, the woman has to cook, raise kids and also balance work. She can have a career but not at the expense of her house and duties. Another topic where I can probably write two thousand words. I do not say a woman should not do this and just think about herself. But why can't everything be done together. Taking care of the house, duties, chores etc have to be taken care of by the man too. Gone are the days when women slog at home while men earn away. Sadly many families still follow this ancient policies. 
  • Opinionists- Can we torture them? I wish. There are a lot of people in the world, most of them in India who are sitting to pass opinions on what is the right or wrong way to live. They have something to say on each and everything. Take for example Shobhaa De, nicely writing away. She recently passed a comment that Kate Middleton should not wear a saree as she has no curves. I mean, who the hell asked you man! Why don't you write something meaningful about our water crisis and dying farmers. So yes, I have zero, no wait, I have negative hundred patience levels for people who sit and decide on right/wrong. You cannot wear this, you cannot do this, you cannot say this, you cannot eat this, you should do this, you should wear this, you are wrong, you are very wrong, etc. OMFG.

I can honestly write much more on this but let it be. I do not want you guys to scream OMFG stop now. 

What makes you'll scream omfg?


PS- The O doodle. 


  1. Ooooh, I LoVE your doodle, you will see why if you visit me! I can sympathise with all your irritations, all that would irritate me if I had to put up with it... ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

    1. Hey! Thank you..yes I totally got why u loved it :D Interesting site and nice pics along with it.


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