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queue - full anecdote

Who likes waiting in a queue? No one.
Today morning at 10:00 am I had gone to the Aadhar card office to get my card updated. I wanted to apply for a name change. I was hoping that the work would get done within half an hour but apparently changing your name is a three hour job. My token number was thirty eight, so you can imagine how long it was going to take. 

Unfortunately I had not noticed "Chaayos" next to the office otherwise I would have taken my token and gone there. Chaayos is cute tea shop-franchise. It's nice. I have never seen any cafe have so many options for tea. I wish instead of waiting in the queue like a chump, I could have rather gone to the tea shop and blogged away. But no, for some weird reason, I had lost my sense and instead just waited there. Guess when you go to any government office in India, you lose your mind. 

I did what I always do when I face a dilemma. I called K and vented/shouted/cribbed. I then proceeded to call Mom and vented/shouted/cribbed, finally I called my Dad and vented/shouted/cribbed. I made all these phone calls outside the office in the heat of Parel whilst getting royally stared at by weird men, women and many children. 

Inside the stuffy office there were over forty to fifty people waiting. There was only one counter open and each person was taking over fifteen minutes. To make matters amazing for me, there were around eight to nine kids there. Sorry, did I say amazing? I meant worse. I was once upon a time an I-love-children-they-all-are-beautiful person. Today I am an I-hate-kids-can-I-kick-them person. Sorry. I not want to sound mean or a downright horrible person. It's just that I hate kids that run around, with their snotty noses making a havoc around me. While I was on the phone (yes, inside the office too I was on the phone), they kept coming and eavesdropping. All eight of them. Or they just stood next to me and stared.

Then a woman with two more annoying kids came and all three started to stare. I wondered if it was due to my clothes. I was wearing a knit top that had multiple British flags on it. (Yes, I own a top that is filled with British flags and I don't know why I bought it, but I still like it.) Any ways I don't think it was the top. I eventually got so annoyed with all the staring that I got rude and shouted at her "Kya hai!". (More like "whaaaat man" in english) She finally had some shame and stopped staring. Or maybe I overreacted. I don't know. These bloody government offices! Makes you all weird and angry. 

Finally my token number came, I got all happy and rushed upstairs to the counter only to find around twenty people before me still waiting. Why did you send me up man! There was no place to stand. And no A.C. And stinky people all around me. And four more annoying kids. And that weird lady who kept staring, she came up too. 

I called K and vented/shouted/cribbed. I then proceeded to call Mom and vented/shouted/cribbed. Told K that he better a plan a great birthday for me. And a great anniversary gift too. I deserve it! And I deserve an award for drama. 

Eventually I got my work done. The name change process barely took one minute. After a very ugly photograph and few form submissions along with fifteen rupees, my work was done. 

For a two minute job I stood in queue for over two hours. Story of every government offices in India. 

PS- Q doodle of questions! Since life is all but a question mark. Right when you find one answer, ten more questions pop out. 



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