Sugar coated horrors

I am evil. I look all tiny and sweet but I know how evil I am. K asked me why I am naming my post Sugar coated horror. I told him that I just look innocent and all, but I am very mean and horrifying sometimes. 

K - "Oh yes! You are, you totally are.Very true." (I have never seen so much enthusiasm from him)

So yeah, K and Mom, along with The Sibling and the Father, all know how horrifying I can be. Don't get me wrong, I am a good human being, it's just I have a tendency to be destructive if I am annoyed. Or sometimes for no reason at all.

Now I am a big insect hater. I fear them from the bottom of my heart plus I have massive amounts of hatred towards them. So I have to kill them. I can't help it. (Terrible I know)

 When I see insects, specially ants I would devise the most creative ways to kill them. Apart from drowning them in water I would spray perfume on them. The chemicals were enough to kill them in an instant. Then I started something new. Burning. I would put them on a hot utensil (cooker) and watch them burn/shrivel up. Terrible times. Sometimes directly chuck them onto the stove. I would put out sugar cubes, lure them in and do all this. (Yes, you can curse me).

Once I caught a fly in a plastic bottle and watched it die a slow death. 

Then I collected loads of caterpillars in my pencil box and threw them out one by one from my fifth floor balcony.  

Guess that's why I get bitten. It's karma. Got royally stung in Rajasthan recently. Have been bitten by ants and once woke up with a swollen eye. Caterpillars always find a way to climb onto me. And don't even get me started on cockroaches. I have found them on my feet, neck and where all atleast six times till date. So it's a vicious cycle. They keep troubling me, so I continue my killing. 

I do the same with humans. Not real ones. (Relax) Just in video games. In my favourite game "The Sims" I build walls around the characters, they have no way out, I then fast forward and watch them starve to death. Even in Roller Coater tycoon (my second favourite game) I would creative incomplete roller coasters and watch all the people die. Sometimes I would pick them up and put them into the lake to watch them drown. 

So yeah, I love being evil. You must be wondering why I am sharing all this on my blog to be read by people all over the world. Even I don't know. How does it matter. I don't harm real people any ways, atleast not right now. 

PS- Here is the S doodle. Cheers. S for suggestions given by everyone on my facebook page. 



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