Under the moonlit sky

Last night the moon was beautiful. Silver and majestic, I absolutely love the nights I can sneak a glance at the full moon. 

Late night drive and the radio playing old hindi songs. Bliss. Such moments make you love Mumbai. The Sea link, our wonderful city line, lights and no traffic. 

And under the moonlit sky I was immersed in my thoughts. I thought of how much I missed Toulouse. He left and took away half of my life with him. I can never be the same again. I thought of how my life is so different filled with responsibilities of being a good wife and a good daughter-in-law. 

Surprisingly I did not think about art. Which is funny because that is my career, my passion and my love. But now its as if my direction has changed. I want to work hard and be a renowned artist but my thoughts still revolve around how I can make my family happy and what all work I have to do at home. Even when I go out I think of what to bring for home, what my husband loves to eat, what groceries I need to stock up.

I don't remember the last time I went to my favourite stationary shop and picked up my ink pens. I miss going there. Each time I go there I empty my pockets and come back. I miss that. I miss how my head would only think about K, art and Toulouse. Now my head thinks about marriage, food, kitchen, home, groceries, parents, K, art, career, blog, books, food, food and food. 

I then thought of pets and how it's my life dream to own many dogs. I thought of how mad my family went over the "dhokla" I made for them. I also thought of Jagerbombs. 

Too much stuff in my head.

And while I watched the moon I thought why not write about "under the moonlit sky...." for my post today.

PS- Here is an UFO inspired U doodle. 



  1. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your post. The language is beautiful. It makes me want to visit Mumbai. And I can relate to having too much stuff in my head!

    1. Thank you Susan. You should visit India, its beautiful and a very different experience, especially Mumbai.

  2. Hi Tanvi
    Your artwork is beautiful. I mean the doodles on the blog are stunning. You should publish an adult coloring book that is such a craze these days, with those intricate patterns!
    That being said, what I want to know is while you say that your priorities have changed, are you regretting that? The Dude and I keep having these discussions about how life was about something else, and then it became something else altogether, and then we wonder that is we like it the way it is, does it matter that it changed at all?
    Phew, that was a heavy start to my Tuesday but had to say it!

    1. Hey! Thanks...would love to publish a book. (Hope)
      I do not regret any change. All I feel is I miss how life was when it was completely my own. Now I feel my life belongs to a lot of people and then if there is time I can probably think about myself and my wants/wishes.
      Not like I can't think about myself, but I guess you will know what I mean. It's a heavy tuesday for me too :P


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