Visions of the past

K and I went for ice-cream post dinner. I am not an ice-cream person, but roasted almond ice-cream in a cone is something that I love. (Thanks to the cone). I can just sit and have a plain cone too.
Any way today's post is named "visions of the past". Why? Because K suggested it. 

And obviously because I am always swimming around in the musings of my past, it seems perfect to blog about it. So I shall share some "Bangalore" memories with you guys. When I was around five years old, we shifted to Bangalore for a few years. We had a wonderful life there. Peaceful. I loved it. 

I remember a time when I was alone at home with Dad and to keep me busy he devised a game. He claimed that if I sit quietly in front of our home temple, God will give me a gift. It was the standard "quiet" game smartly made up by parents to get some peace in life, away from the kids. So like a chump I sat quietly with my eyes shut for nearly half an hour wondering what gift God is going to give me. When I opened my eyes, I saw a big packet of Bourbon biscuits. It was a huge deal for me, since I truly thought God sent it. I munched on the gift given by God himself and shared it with Dad too. Small pleasures.

I remember my school and a particular day when my friend told me she got cake in her snack box. I was so very excited, only to find that it was nothing but those sweet buns with some green cream spread upon. 

I remember the tiny ice cream parlour we all used to go to. They would serve tiny bits of cake in the ice cream. I used to always have the cake bits from Dad's cup. 

And I remember something terrible too. When I was six years old, I had a huge fight with my bus driver. His name was Wilson Uncle. I remember telling him in jest that "I do not like you". He took such an offence that he complained to my parents that I called him a "Bastard". At the age of six I was accused of that and the first time I came across that word. Guess that was the first "bad" word I learnt. 

I remember the first time I went to buy something from a shop all alone. It was a surreal experience. When you get money when you are barely in the first grade and go to purchase something for the house, you feel extremely important. Mom had sent me to buy biscuits for our tea time. I went and came back with a packet of bread. Made a mistake, but then Mum toasted the bread on the pan with some butter and we enjoyed our tea time together nonetheless. 

I always feel fondness towards Bangalore. I haven't gone there in over twenty years, but hope I can visit the place where I spent three wonderful years of my childhood one fine day.

PS- V doodle. I am sure most of you know what it is. I haven't watched this movie but I drew it as my dear old K told me to. It's vendetta.


  1. Love these memories. I'm not very good at remembering that far back. Your parents sound sweet. Your doodle is pretty cool, too! @abetterjulie from

    1. Thank you...loved your blog..will be def following you :)

  2. It sounds like you have some (mostly) sweet memories from your time there. Beautiful ink drawing of Vendetta. I have never seen it myself but it is distinctive.

    Weekends in Maine


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