Womanly powwow

Powwow means a gathering held for discussions.

I have been W-wondering W-what to W-write for the W-post. So I thought W-why not W-write about W-what W-women talk!

Women talk a lot. Like a lot! We discuss literally everything under the sun. Even the people we don't know about, we will discuss. Even the things we don't know about, we will discuss.

Our topics are mainly-

·         Other women
·         Marriage
·         Men
·         In-laws
·         Game of Thrones and all TV shows
·         Food
·         Kitchen
·         Daily routine
·         Future
·         How life has changed
·         Career
·         Deep "stuff"
·         Recipes
·         Travel
·         Gossip
·         Diet
·         Weight
·         Books
·         Dogs
·         Relatives
·         Meditation
·         God
·         Future all-girls trip

I can go on with the list.
Few days back K had gone out with his friends. I asked him later how it was and what all they spoke about. He said " Nothing, we just had a glass of Chivas and discussed the construction business".
So many things to talk about in life and men would rather talk about business.


PS- Here is the W doodle on Wands. Since I love magic! Because those who don't believe in magic will never find it.


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