X for a lot of stuff from X

Wow. X is one difficult letter. I have been racking my brains since morning on what to write about. I have no set theme for this post, so I shall just babble on about stuff from X. What to do! It is such a difficult letter!
X for xeroxes. My complete college years went smoothly, thanks to the xerox machine. I never really enjoyed going to college. Not like it was bad, or I did not enjoy. But just getting up from my bed, changing into "decent" clothes, catching a rickshaw and then sitting through tedious lectures was a task. So I would never go. I had a "zero" percent attendance in college. (Beat that) But I had two friends in my junior years and man they were studious. They attended each and every lecture, wrote down each and every word that came out of the teacher's mouth and even made their own notes! And the handwriting was great! So the complete two years of college, I did not attend. Instead I would meet them once a month and xerox everything ever written in their books! I am sure by the end of two years they started hating me. 

X for xenon. What is xenon? It is some noble gas. And why am I mentioning it here? Because it starts with X and is related to chemistry. And I hated chemistry. I have no idea how I managed to get through school with all the mad "science" subjects. Mad times.

X for xanthos. It means golden hair. I always wanted to have golden blonde hair. Don't ask why. Even I do not know. I also want red hair. Basically I want a different hair color. I am bored of my hair. 

Okay so I am stopping now. 

Need tea. 

PS- Here is the X doodle. X for the treasure map spot! 


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