Zeal and zentangles

Here I am relaxing away post a heavy lunch, writing my last post of the challenge. I cannot believe it's over. I wrote twenty six articles this month and my blog has over 20500 views. So grateful. 

I share my complete life through my blogs. Where I go, what I feel, what I think, what I do, what I want, each and everything I have shared here. This is why I don't have a diary anymore since I put my thoughts onto this platform. I am so happy that so many of you read my articles and when you personally message me or reach out, it makes my day. So a big thanks to my readers. 

The challenges I took on this month have given me a new zeal towards achieving my goals. I have realized my dreams, aspirations and what I want in life. I have a new vigor to work hard now. I am working on exciting new projects and have some new ideas regarding my art that I am so excited to try out.
These challenges gave me the push I needed to break away from my slump and negativity.

I am so happy I stuck by. Some days it was very difficult to write, some days I even felt like giving up. There were time I would blank out for some of the letters but I powered through I guess.
 Even the Alphabet challenge I have pulled off. Here is the Z doodle inspired from Zentangles. I chose zentangles as that's what my art is all about.
Now I have to work on all the numerals (0-9). Will post all those together next time. That's all for now. Hope you all enjoyed the challenge and my posts. Thank you for sticking through and finding time to read about my life, thoughts and visions. 

Will definitely post soon!


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